Happy people don’t get that way by accident. They make a concerted effort every day with these positive activities. 


Most people want to be happy, but they often set themselves up for discontent. It’s not that they wake up and decide to do things that will make them unhappy. They simply don’t have the right practices in place to gain the most joy from their daily life.


Truly happy people understand that happiness doesn’t come from a single event. It comes from a positive outlook and specific daily actions, which reinforce a happy perspective. Try the activities below and see if you can become truly happy as well.




It’s difficult to be positive when you are constantly overtired. Truly happy people make their sleep habits a top priority. They make sure that a night’s rest is truly restful so they can attack the day refreshed.




Conflict is a regular part of life and can actually be productive in business if properly approached. But too much conflict can wear a person down. Truly happy people know how to use conflict constructively and always look to resolve a combative situation for everyone’s betterment so all can move on with a positive outlook.




Challenges are abundant in business and life. Truly happy people look at these obstacles as genuine opportunities that can be overcome. They can find the silver lining in any dark cloud and make it shine.

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Dark times are often less about trauma and more about lack of joy. Truly happy people believe that smiles and giggles can easily bring lightheartedness. They exploit the humorous part of life to brighten the day.




It’s frustrating to have a body that doesn’t fit your own best self-image. Truly happy people love themselves enough to take care of their body. They don’t desire a perfect body, just one that is perfect for their lifestyle. They pay attention to weight and vices because they want to enjoy their body for a long time to come.




People are naturally social and thrive on close interaction. Truly happy people know how to foster deep relationships with family and good friends. They know how to trust and earn the trust of others. They work on their relationships to keep them rich and healthy.




Lingering negative feelings can eat away at happiness over time. Truly happy people are assertive about closing open sores and are open to forgiveness in nearly any situation.


8. They notice the good in people.


People can be challenging, frustrating, and annoying, but they are inevitable if you want to live in this world. Truly happy people aren’t all saints, but they look for the good in people and are empathetic to another’s perspective. They know they will find small everyday miracles when keeping their ears and heart open.


9. They are grateful for everything.


Although many people feel entitled or anxious about acquisition, truly happy people consider everything in their position a true blessing. They have great appreciation for opportunities, health, wealth and recognition, but mostly they are grateful for the people who enrich their lives.


10. They control only what they can control.


There is much in the world that is beyond control. Trying to manage the unmanageable can be futile and frustrating. Truly happy people set routines for what they know is in their purview so they are ready to flow with the unimaginable.


11. They gain joy from learning.


Some people find learning something new to be tedious and frustrating. Some even find it intimidating. Truly happy people love to learn. They are exuberant about gaining new skills and better understanding, and relish the challenge along the way.


12. They strive for their best.


Half-hearted efforts drag down confidence and self worth. Truly happy people won’t engage unless they know they can give it their all. They make sure they can look back on all their efforts with the good feeling of having done their best.


13. They give selflessly.


Many people give from a place of guilt or obligation. Truly happy people love the feeling they get when they make someone else’s life better. In their mind, their own needs pale in comparison to the needs of others and they are more than willing to bring on some balance.


14. They listen to people.


Many people are so focused on what they have to say they never get to hear the world around them. Truly happy people love to listen to what’s being said around them. They like to take in knowledge including the perspectives of people. The more they listen the more then can contribute real value.


15. They value time.


People who can’t manage their time are generally rushed and tense. Truly happy people make time management a priority so they can get the most from every minute. That way they can be at their most productive when they work and at their most relaxed state when they play.


16. They treat themselves.


In general people don’t need mansions and yachts to be happy, but everyone is entitled to a little reward now and then. Truly happy people know it’s important to celebrate little wins and milestones.


17. They do for others.


The world is largely a self-interested place these days, which can make it seem harsh and cold. Truly happy people know that warmth in the heart can come from the slightest gesture of effort for someone else’s benefit. Doing a good deed each day is enough to make anyone happy.

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