As a child, princess Adekemi Adewunmi attended Ireti Primary School, Ikoyi, Lagos State. Luba School, Ijebu-Ode in Ogun State, St. Peter’s Primary School, Faji in Lagos State.

Then she started her Secondary School first year at Aunty Ayo Girls High School Ikoyi, Lagos State. After one year, she left to the UK in 1977, where she started her secondary school all over again at year 7 (JS1), she attended ′The Hall School, Wincanton, Somerset, England.

Hamden House School, Buckinghamshire, England.

North Corner College, Lewis, Sussex, England.

▪️A graduate of, associate of business administration from Schiller International University, London branch, England.

▪️The second degree of, Bachelor of Science, Business Management (BSc) from The University of La Verne, La Verne College, La Verne, California, USA.

On her return to Nigeria, she enjoyed been a part of National Youth Service Corp member in Lagos, 1985-1986 section.

A mother of beautiful daughters of Late Air Marshal Ibrahim-Alfa, from Garkida, Adamawa State. The former Chief of Air Staff, whom passed away on the 16th of March 2000.

An Entrepreneur, a professional, a Socialite and a politician who has long agitating but now concluded and beliefs its time for Nigerian women to take the front seat in the political equation of Nigeria. This is why she has been working with other female professionals in politics for the improvement of the lots of women in Nigerian political space. She is widely known to be a prominent member of People’s Democratic Party (PDP).


However, “Princess Adewunmi would like to thank all the people of good heart that have wished me well and those that sent private messages.”

“We are not God and can never act as God nor play on God intelligence, only God can decide our destiny and not a man. I am going all the way with God by my side, Princess said

“I wish all the contestants, including all my darling leaders, sisters and brothers Goodluck, only God will lead the way and direct us in the right paths. Let God decide the head that wears the crown.

“During my primaries in 2019 as most of you remembered, a lot of Imposition, impunity and injustice took place, but the good God we serves doesn’t sleep, He fights for His own people. May it not repeat itself again this time in Jesus Mighty name, Amen.”

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‘Those that want to support me, please kindly do so with God fearing minds, with a big heart and if you don’t want to, I as well also respect your decision. If God says it is my time, He will work the arithmetic and solution, so shall it be. And if God says my daughter, you have ran a good race, but it is not your time yet, at least i know i did my best. A fantastic new door will definitely open immediately.”

“I am against gladiators in this race, it is not easy and it is hard work, but not a problem at all. This is something i have great passion for and strong believe in it, so no one can stop God’s Grace and work.

“My darling late father was passionate about Ekiti State, especially his home town Efon Alaaye, Efon Local Government. He was a force to reckon with and an institution. If God permits, I would like to continue what he started. I have already been doing that since my dad- Otunba (chief) Adebodun Oluwadamilare Adewunmi passed away on the 6th of December 2006. The good Lord and His spirit will also guide me.

He was the son of late High Chief Olademomi Adewunmi, the Obaloja Arapaiya of Obalu Arapaiya of Obalu Quarters, Efon-Alaaye, Ekiti State- the number two among the six Kingmakers (Iwarafas). Historically his father was the first to introduce to Efon-Alaaye silver coins to replace the cowries, the then legal tender.

His mother was the Late Princess Julianah Alademute Soro-Ade, the daughter of Late Oba Arosuboja, the Alaaye of Efon Kingdom. Princess Julianah was the one that mobilised her friends and colleagues in their two most enlightened women socialites in town, Egbe Eyesa and Egbe Aran Ikupekunde, to travel to Oshogbo on foot to carry home on their heads, all the iron sheets, to roof the church. That was one of the reasons my dad played a pivotal role in the construction of St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Idagba.

My father was an old student of St. Paul’s Anglican school, Idagba, Efon Alaaye

▪️Christ School, Ado-Ekiti 1940-1944

▪️Ibadan Grammar School 1945. She travelled out to the UK by 1956 to further his education.

▪️Passed the Cambridge Examinations.

King’s College, he passed the English Bar final examinations, called to the English Bar and admitted into the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn as a Barrister-At-Law February 9, 1960, the very day he lost his mother. He was the first Efon Alaaye citizen to qualify as a Lawyer, the first Honorary Legal Adviser for Efon Alaaye. He was later elevated to a Federal Honorary Legal status in 1961. He was one of the trustees of Efon Alaaye Development League. He was also a member of Efon-Alaaye 925 Millennium Club, Egbe Ibile, the Egbe Olomi at Oke-iloja, Efon Alaaye. The completed Efon-Alaaye house at 105, Apata St. Lagos, is monumental evidence of his patriotism and love for his people. If not over, he trained about 400 children to school in Ekiti State. Not to talk of family/friends and abroad. He was a Humanitarian. He then won for himself the nickname Gambari, because he lived part of his younger days in the Northern part of Nigeria, very close to most Northern rulers and power brokers. Ade 1 amongst his friends. Ire o and Mo beru agba, Agba to beru and Baba o! amongst his children. ”My dad in his lifetime had positively affected the lives of very many people. Was extremely close to most society family and ruling houses in the Southwest, which i till now try to maintaining the good relationships.

My mother, Mrs Adewunmi popularly known as sisi Yeke or mama Dapo left to the Uk in 1955, she attended Pitmans College, Southampton row, London, England, a graduate of secretarial degree course. My dad was introduced to my mum, by Late Justic Tunde Segun, former CJ of Lagos state in 1956, then a student. She was a retired Federal Civil Servant in the Federal Revenue Court, Lagos.

She is the daughter of late Pa Williams from Oyo State (popularly known as Adagudu), retired DPO in Lagos State during the Colonial days. His mother was Princess Maria Ojah Williams from Ewuare Oba’s Royal family, in Edo State.

My grandma, Alhaja Raliatu Olayide Williams, was of Fagbayi family from Otto, Ijora Royal family in Lagos. (Olotto of Otto Royal family.)

All women and men that wish their own children well, please continue to wish me well, pray for me and let God decide, says Princess Adewunmi.

I joined PDP in October 1998, well read, fantastic pedigree, well grounded, sound and professional. At the age of 58 years old, I am good to go, I have learnt from the best, or am I too young?

We are all saying young shall grow, when will the young grow, when certain people are always trying to block their future. What legacy do you want to leave behind, when all you share to them is rice, money etc. Instead of building them up to take over in the future, they are all boxed in a corner of depression, hunger, frustration, unemployment, poverty etc. Every 4 years they are met with failed promises, while the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer with no voice to express their anger and frustration. Let me be the voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless.

It takes a courageous woman to take a bold step amongst gladiators in Ekiti Gubernatorial race come 2022, so if I can not be encouraged, it is fine, at least the world will know I tried my hardest best. I will do my campaign and primaries in Jesus Mighty name and God will lead the way, Amen.

Let someone say Amen to that.

It takes team work, i can’t do it alone. No promises. Let us fix the damages on ground first, build a solid foundation that will help us grow stronger and happy as a community.

I am a strong woman and a wonderful mother, glory be to God. Let us fix our home. We have no where else to call our own.

I am not a billionaire, but comfortable in my own rights, I presently have 26 children I am sending to school personally, in well kept Government schools, 4 children 12 yrs, 14yrs, 16yrs and 18yrs are presently living with me, plus an orphan 22yrs from Togo. I help the schools occasionally with donations. Let us learn to give helping hand always, where needed, when able, it is not mandatory, but voluntarily, to make Nigeria a better place. Train a child and save the future.

When we that want to make a change were sleeping, the opportunist came in to steal. Corruption has been the key to success for some, but integrity is my key to success. I want to be the voice for the voiceless, a listener for those that want to be heard and a strong pillar to build a foundation for the unborn.

I need your support and prayers. You can get across to me, if need be.

I am coming out…………I want the world to know.

Thank you for your understanding and I appreciate all the women and men that have good genuine hearts.

No harm in coming out, if I don’t, I have offended God, Enough is Enough.

I come in peace.

God bless you all.

▪️Princess Adekemi Adewunmi.

Ekiti Gubernatorial Aspirant 2022.


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