I use to read many opinions on social medias, that the Nigerian youths can decide who the next President will be, so far if they will be coordinated.

I laughed because I wonder how such will happen. Nigeria is operating a two (2) party system (forget about the association of noisemakers), we all know that it is between the All Progressive Congress (APC) and her conglomeration of hyenas and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with her gathering of foxes and wilddogs.

Tell me, which Nigerian youth can afford the price for the tickets?

We know that the government of Nigeria control the media (which is what is obtained the world over), AIT is always in favour of PDP and TVC is hardly against the atrocities of APC Government while Channels television try to be neutral because of Seun Okinbaloye’s, come his editorial and producer roles in the studio.

Now tell me, how would the youths decide?

The only thing left for the masses is to choose between the two devils presented by the machinery of the political parties! No choice at all, I guess.

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How do you decide when you have no inputs in the party(ies) primaries or screening process?

This is what happens the world over. Even in #America! You are stuck with the party’s decision!

Whoever owns the party owns the Country as been the mindset of the common man in the street of Nigeria.

I look at the present crop of political paraders and I lost a tear drop!

Who do we wish we have? Is it Nyesome Wike who has shown himself as a bully and a drunker even on live TV? Is it Yemi Osinbajo who after sitting on the country economic council chair, but has further destroyed the economy and still cannot point at a single achievement in his Ogunstate home other than imposing on the good people of the state to decide their fate?

Is it Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu (BAT) who everyone is afraid will sell the entire nation to his family and cronies?

Is it Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who his antecedents won’t let even his unborn children to trust him?

You might say let’s try Peter Obi, but will Nigerians trust an Igbo man with power?

The Fulanis want to keep holding on to power, the Yorubas have their continuous crab syndrome while the Igbos are yet to get their acts together!

Nigerian Youths, I’m sorry to say, it is impossible to decide in this situation!

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When lions fight, the dog can only hide!

I am ACAD!

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