South-West APC leaders met on the 6th of May with tendency of creating a united front towards APC’s presidential primary elections.

I didn’t get to read the news in the morning. I woke up around 5 am to conclude some reports due for submission this morning. By the time it was 9 am, I was already at Iba Oluyole’s Palace on our History Trek Segment.

Between the hours of 9 am and 4:30 pm, we were in one palace or the other. We must have covered five of such historical sites today.

Ibadan, home of Ogunmola, I must say is full of such historical edifice. I was also privileged to meet the oldest person in Iba Ogunmola’s palace and compound. He’s over 102 years of age.

Then, I entered my abode at about 8:30 pm after the last meeting with one of our clients who we are working on his autobiography. It was remarkably a long day.

At 9 pm, I opened my phone to keep up with today’s political news. Of course, it’s no longer news that everyone now want to be president of Nigeria. Many believe ‘if Buhari could be president, then I can.’

24 people in APC alone have shown interest to be president. They have literarily made 100m naira to look like N5. Something no civil servant could make legally (in work or retirement) in a lifetime.

Then, I saw the trendy news, South-West APC unity meeting. The meeting was set to reduce Southwest APC presidential Aspirants. I saw South-west APC stalwarts, governors and the new recruited members- Otunba Gbenga Daniel.

Then I asked myself the following questions:

1. Why do they need to meet ?

2. Why should the SW reduce number of Aspirants ?

3. Who will be the highest gainer(s) from such political gathering?

4. Who will be best loser (s) in such arrangement?

5. What prompted the meeting?

With this questions unanswered, I immediately checked on the organizer (s). I saw Chief Bisi Akande and Chief Segun Osoba. Then, again, I laughed.

The meeting reminded me of my good friend Omooba Adesanya Adeyemi who played similar role during our university days. Sanya organized a similar meeting that saw me becoming the first president of NABAMS in that citadel of learning.

It won’t matter if others do not come, so far Sen. Ibikunle Amosun, Gov. Kayode Fayemi and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo are on seat, in that order.

Yes, Sen. Amosun is the real star boy in the eye of the General and president of Nigeria. He’s a Muslim and the only person the Daura son trust in Southwest. He’s a power-house.

Gov. Fayemi is chairman of the governor’s forum and an experienced politician. He had contested and won elections. Just like Sen. Amosun who was two term governor, and two-term Senator. Both of them have political structures that is deep-rooted in their respectful states, with tentacles in Nigeria.

The least person in that category is the Prof. Osinbajo. Formerly, Sen. Tinubu’s errand boy, and now Vice-President. He sure doesn’t have much political credentials, and none outside Sen. Tinubu’s magnanimity.

Of the three of them, again, Sen. Amosun is the only Muslim. That again is a huge advantage in the North. The Prof. of Law and Gov. Fayemi are Christians, politically, this is disadvantageous.

Chief MKO Abiola would have to be converted into Islam to win Hope’ 1993 presidential elections. That’s how powerful religion could be in our political space.

To answer the previous questions:

Chief Bisi Akande is well known to be directly under the payrol of Sen. Tinubu and Chief Olusegun Osoba is only an accomplice. On the arrangement of Sen. Tinubu, Chief Akande had invited Chief Osoba to talk to the betrayers and rude boys in Southwest APC. The move is to make it easy, perhaps effortlessly for Sen. Tinubu to emerge.

Chief Akande is mediating in support of his candidate-Sen. Tinubu. Although, Sen. Tinubu is the most popular, and perhaps, the only challenger of the Northern political hegemony, the mediation is necessary in order for the betrayers and the rude boys not to make it easy for Yoruba- enemies to triumph over a seemingly-likely-to-win-political- match.

Purpose of the meeting is for Sen. Tinubu to emerged. Something that looks like Sen. Tinubu’s ambition. It’s not about Amosun, Fayemi or Osinbajo.

Even if the three won’t agree with the organizers, the meeting has been able to avail the organizers more information on strategy and re-strategy. They now know how to act, when to act and what to act upon.

Whatever is agreed upon tonight, no one would ask Sen. Tinubu to step down. Chief Akande and Chief Osoba would persuade the betrayers and the rude boys to step down for their national leader.

It’s expected for all of them (at least the three to refuse), but whatever response they give will enable the organizers and the sponsor of the meeting to act. A simple statement from the betrayers and the rude boys is all that is needed to act.

If the organizers achieved their aims today, then I would likened them to my friend and brother Omooba Adeyemi Adesanya, whose mediation made me the student president of NABAMS at a time when most ladies prefer my opponent.

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Coincidentally, Chief Bisi Akande and Omooba Adesanya came from Osun State. Can we say Osun people score high on mediation?

The move by the betrayers against their national leader reminded me of a powerful woman in Ogun politics, who vowed to unseat my late father as national delegate of his party. She went round making mouth. Many even believed she was more prepared for the head-count and started paying her homage as the next leader.

Father said gently ‘ if you win me, I would resign from politics.’ She was going around, with money and promises to party delegates. Father sat in the house. A day to the elections, I saw party men coming to ask father questions ‘ is it how we said it?’ ‘ Yes, as we said it.’_Father responded.

On the Election Day, the powerful woman was not defeated. She was certainly disgraced. She didn’t have up to 10 votes. That’s how it’s when a rat is competing with lion in politics.

I have said it and I wish to sound it again, there is no luck in politics if you are contesting. No miracle as well. It’s either you plan yourself with good strategy of fund and time, or you disgrace yourself depending on wishful thinking, luck or miracle!

There’s no battle in South-west APC. The meeting is to encourage the betrayers and the rude boys to support their political god-father.

Fashola was not spectating, he was put on the seat to play ‘ I support the motion’. Gbenga Daniel came to seek relevance in his new political club. Omisore was invited in his capacity of national secretary of the party. Rauf came to show the world oga na master. Sanwo-Olu is working so hard to support is political benefactor.

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Others were there to witness the organizers, the betrayers and the rude boys’ body language, figure of speech and political expressions.

In the end, Sen. Tinubu and South-West APC are the highest gainers. The betrayers and the rude boys are the best losers. Reducing Aspirants at this level, not as beneficial as producing a candidate that is equal to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of PDP.

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