A political cold war between Reverend Olusola Salau and Ogun State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial aspirant, Mr Jimi Lawal has been taken far to next level as the two party Chieftain trade words on social media.

Rev. Olusola Salau had earlier accused the Ogun PDP Governorship aspirant of been a mole and paper weight politician. A statement which boiled out the anger of Mr Jimi Lawal.

Jimi Lawal in his response to the reverend claims about him, was caught on social media aggressively cursing him. He asked “God to judge Reverend Olusola Emmanuel Sunday Salau accordingly for saying what he does not know about his person.”

He further says; “I don’t usually get to see or respond directly to fake and malicious publications of this nature and it would have been ignored but for the fact that the author described himself as a Reverend, then he deserves a harsh response.”

In a press statement observes by The eaglesforesight correspondent as signed by Reverend Olusola Emmanuel Salau, it read below:

“MR JIMI ABI CHIEF JIMI, let me bring you back for the Electorates who have been waiting to vote in PDP can understand why you are a mole and one of reason why the Ogun State Electorates must distant themselves from you and your Bates call “Empowerment”.

“I want you to listen and read very carefully my reasons for calling you a mole and if after my publication you feel am wrong please do two things, tell the Ogun State Electorates that what I say about you is not true with reasons and or take a legal action against me for libel.”

“First of all maybe you don’t know the man with the name of Rev Shola Emmanuel Sunday Salau but in this write up I will introduce myself to you properly so as for you to know I don’t publish lies or character damage in any of my publications ones you know and ones you don’t .”

“I am a covener of many PDP platforms and have witness many elections in PDP nationwide. Ask them from PDP Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun, Ondo, Kogi, Kwara, Calabar, Akwa Ibom, Edo to mention but few about my personal involvement in the past and present PDP elections that have taken place and the ongoing ones presently.”

“When Jandor came to PDP in Lagos just to be fair to him I added one young lady who is in charge of all his political publication according to Jandor he personally gave me Wunmi which I later added both of them to all our platforms.”

“When you Jimi Lawal came on this governorship struggle first of all I can read the mind of all PDP leaders in Ogun State that their aims were to be democratic and knowing multiple aspirations is good for the party they welcome you into the race democratically.”

“Knowing their minds I went ahead and added your media team members into our major PDP platforms nationwide just for you to bring up and post democratic news about your aspiration.”

“Now let me answer you and to return back to you the curses you posted in your answers to my publication where I call you a mole and a paper weight. Remember sometimes in October you make a fake arrangements for a fake primaries where you declared yourself the winner of that fake primaries.”

“Secondly you surely know that before a state primaries including Governorship primaries takes place the National officers through our National organizing secretary must be present, the PDP state Organizing must be there, INEC and all the necessary security agencies must be there.”

“Can you tell us and the Electorates if this happened in your so call “Ogun State Primaries”.
Secondly can you tell us if any of Ogun State PDP State officers including both the Chairman and the State Secretary involved in that your so called fake primaries?”

“Can you tell our audience our members and Ogun State Electorates the state body including the National who assist or by right forwarded the result of this fake primaries results to the INEC.”

“These two questions are enough to call you a mole if you can not come out and answer them with proofs or documents with appropriate legal signature of party executives that signed the results you forwarded to the INEC.”

“A mole is a man or woman that belong to a group of people or party that work against the peace and strength for survival of that group he or she claims he or she belongs just to clinch to power. Now am sure why I call you a mole and paper weight because you even lack the political experience or connections with the Party state wise and at the National level.”

“Nothing bad in having interest in a position but Jimi Lawal my advice for you is this, WAIT FOR YOUR TURN.”

In conclusion, Rev. Sola Salau asked; “why Jimi Lawal can’t deduced out from Hon. Chief Seguin Showunmi’s King Solomon’s wisdom concerning Ogun State PDP and his contributions at National levels? For someone claiming not to be a mole but till date on records, haven’t be seen talking about the PDP Presidential Candidate, H.E Atiku Abubakar. What’s his take on this National issue concerning our great Party PDP?”



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