The residents has lauds RIDSCo’s partnership, with Lafarge Plc; as it commissions five solid projects in Sotubo and Ogijo Communities


Wednesday, 22nd of September, 2021 was indeed an important day in the history of Sotubo and Ogijo communities as RIDSCo in partnership with Lafarge Africa Plc, in quest to discharge Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has turn to a big tree that all Progressive Communities now associates with, especially when it comes to Infrastructures and community developments at large.
It was with elated mind that the residents of Sotubo and Ogijo community wrote to request for RIDSCo intervention in areas of construction of Health Centers fully equipped with modern medical equipment and hospital needs and construction of three Culverts at strategic locations respectively.
Eaglesforesight recalls that the Sotubo Health Center was built by the then Sagamu Local Government Transition Chairman, Hon. Gbenga Banjo Baruwa (GBB), but was fully equipped with medical facilities when RIDSCo was contacted by the community.
Also, a body in Ogijo known as Everlasting Community Development Council (CDC) with more than 100 CDAs whose aim is tailored to the upliftment and welfare of their community was the architect behind the completion of Afisuru Health Center and the construction of three big culverts in Ogijo.
This organization chaired by Hon. Ademola Mike Adenuga, took it up as a responsibility to develop their community by providing them with channels of opportunities that will aid in improving the lives of residents at large by writing to RIDSCo for their assistance to complete the Health Centre started during the tenure of Engr Dipo Oyewole as Chairman of Sagamu Local Government.
At the venue of the commissioning of Afisuru Health Center Building and Medical Equipments with three solid concrete culverts, the resourceful stakeholders and erstwhile executives appreciated RIDSCo and Lafarge for all their humanitarian deeds towards the community.
The Human Resources Business Partner of Lafarge Africa Plc, Mr Ezekiel Obasanya appreciated the entire people of Ogijo and Sotubo while also commending RIDSCo’s efforts for being a worthy partner in ensuring max and appreciative delivery of the company’s CSR, which he claimed was a model copied by the Company as their CSR initiative in their host communities. He also admonish the people to optimize the usefulness of the facilities provided and further charged the workers to ensure proper use of the facilities.
He said; “health, education and the well-being of all people living in their host community is very important to the Company.”
Olootu Omooba Oyedele, “implored the Afisuru Health Center staff to imbibe and continue in the right pathway of goodwill. He explained that the legacy of good or bad in people’s time in administration is forever imprinted into the hearts of the people.”
“They are for you and you should as well be for them in times of services. On this premises was the advice given by Olootu to both the staff and patients who will be patronizing the Health Center.”
He further says in his speech by researching everyone present to support the goal-driven objectives which are targeted at the development of the entire Sagamu Local Government as that is the truest channel to grow a community everyone would love to be proud of in the nearest future.

He charged the community to “work with the right minds among the youths

whose aim is towards the peacefulness of Ogijo community.” In buttressing his point, he noted that Ultrasound Scanning Machine which is a major equipment in hospital for safe delivery was also procured for the Health Center. Elated mothers who were present at the ceremony sang various songs to thank RIDSCo and Lafarge.

He ended his speech by thanking the executives of Akindele, Aige roads and Afisuru residents for the warm hospitality given to him and his entourage during the commissioning.
The executives of Afisuru CDC appreciated RIDSCo and Lafarge teams for taking time out of their busy schedules to commissioning and donation of those big live safing projects in their communities. They stated that they are not unaware of the good works RIDSCo has been doing to aid the growth and development of Sagamu communities. They also commended all the sustainable projects and empowerment RIDSCo has been doing for youths in Sagamu Local Government. These set of resourceful executives of the CDC finally submitted that they would always reach out to RIDSCo through Olootu Omoba M.O. Oyedele whenever the need arises for his wealth of knowledge in community development initiatives and if it warrants a call for his assistance of any kind which is peculiar to the progress of the Ogijo community, they would not hesitate to reach out to him.
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Mr Samuel, the Admin Manager of African Foundries Limited,

thanked everyone present at the occasion and urged the people to make good use of the borehole donated by his company.

Further request was made by the Matron of the Centre, Mrs Hassan for more personnel to run the busy Centre.

At the ceremony was Mrs Adelani, the Apex Nurse in Sagamu Local Government representing the Director Of Primary health Care Department,

in a speech delivered by her, she also thanked the brains behind the success of the commissioning of the Health Center. She further said that the request of more staff would be urgently addressed.

The donated equipments should be carefully managed and must be use judiciously, Adelani says.

Hon. Ademola Mike Adenuga

appreciated the facilitators for all the immense contributions the team have been doing to elevate their community to the future everyone wants to live in. He also highlighted the few among the major achievements RIDSCo had done so far in Ogijo since the time Olootu Omoba M.O. Oyedele has been in office as Chairman of RIDSCo. In addition, he talked about the major challenges which need to push the Afisuru Health Center to the heights they need to attain. He ended his speech by further requesting for a befitting ambulance, additional office tables and chairs, computer and printer for digital documentations, fence and gate.

The commissioning ended in a cheerful aura as everyone at present was glad that the advancement of health sector at both Sotubo and Ogijo has attained another status in the hearts of those who believe in Infrastructural and Empowerment for community development.


The List Of Dignitaries From RidSco At The Event:
Olootu Omoba M.O. Oyedele Chairman RidSco.
Mrs A.O.A. Adesanya, Secretary RIDSCo.
Mr Olu, Fola Akodu.
Hon Adeyiga T. Awoyemi, President SDA.
Comrade Adekunle Bello, Secretary SDA.
Comrade Olagoriola Ogungbe, Deputy President, Sagamu Youth Association.
Comrade Oluwole Aduroja, Acting Coordinator of NYCN Sagamu Chapter.
Otunba Dr Gbeke Opeyemi, Chairman, Health & Environment Committee.
Otunba Segun Onabolu.
Lukman Banjoko, Admin Manager, RIDSCo.
Dignitaries From The Communities:
The Ologijo Of Ogijo ably represented by Odofin Of Ogijo.
Community youths.
The nursing mothers from Sotubo and Ogijo.
The List Of Dignitaries From Lafarge Plc:
Mr Ezekiel Obasanya, HRBP.
Engr Yomi Owolabi, CRM.
Engr Sunday Ajayi, Project Engineer.
Adeolu Lamidi, CSO.





















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