The People's Parliament

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!: Ogun Indigenes Launches “The People’s Parliament” Calls For Accountability Of Public Office Holders


Margaret Mead an American anthropologist whose great fame owed as much to the force of her personality and her outspokenness in one of her famous quotes said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”.


Public Office holder in Nigeria are perceived to be demi-gods who shouldn’t be questioned on accountability when it comes to allocations that comes to their offices. This singular act has over the years caused a lot of misuse of offices and powers.


“The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace and brotherhood.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


Last week Wednesday, 3rd of November 2021, a forum (The People’s Parliament) of likes-mind was established through a meeeting of concerned Ogun Indigenes who came together to rescue their respective Constituent, State, Region and the country at large from mediocrity and official recklessness of politicians who do not feel accountable to the people they represent.

The People's ParliamentThe Voice Of The People

According to a social media influencer, Kehinde Adeleye, who argued that ‘future of Nigeria is blurry if no one would rise to the task of holding Political office holders responsible whenever they err.’


In addition, Dr Adedara Oduguwa a Chieftain of Afenifere in Ogun State and Social Commentator, opined that, ‘politicians might not gear up to expectations if there is no one to hold them accountable.’


Also a concerned UK based, Sagamu Ogun Indigene, Mr. Tokunbo Soluade and Aare Adedamola Ogunyemi who joined the meeting via zoom respectively emphasized the need to talk less and act more. ‘We can’t continue to complain without knowing the exact amount is going into the covers of those presume to represent us, we can only hold them accountable if we know the project done, the one in progress and the amount spent on frivolities.


The conversation that lasted for two hours had people from all walks of life.


Ms. Aderonke Adebowale who emotionally poured out her mind:

‘We need the people’s voice, there’s a lot of mismanagement in government and no one seems accountable’.


Comrade Goriola Ogungbe and Comrade Sholarin Adedolapo also cast their aspersion on the needs for a group of people to work together to hold Political office holders accountable.


Also in present were Prince Lahbash a revolutionist comrade come activist and a journalist, the CEO and publisher of Eaglesforesight, Yaya Onagbesan founder, CEO of a TV station and Prince Kadesh, a renowned media practitioner.


The meeting ended with members agreeing on a name: The People’s Parliament’ with a slogan ‘voice of the people’.


The initiative’s main goal is to make public office holders be accountable through constant ‘conversational engagements’ , in a civic, non-violence and professional manners.

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