2020 Edo Governorship Election has make us all concern citizens of this noble country to understand clearly that; Politics and elections in Nigeria, is no longer a common business as usual, Anambra is another case study.


The Victory of Edolites and generally Nigerians in the Historic Saturday September 19, 2020 Edo Gubernatorial Elections and the recent victory of Anambra People in the just concluded Anambra Gubernatorial Elections held on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of November, 2021 goes to show that the Nigerian masses now determine Who gets What, When, Why and How (5Ws& How) according to the English Philosopher Harold Lasswell (1948) but in a more civil, organised, peace and democratic manner this time around as the sociopolitical space of Nigeria is now evolving with more transparency and credibility.


This is obviously due to the fact that Nigerians are no longer after what they can only benefit during election periods as their sociopolitical orientation about leadership is now premised more on functionality than material and material financial gains which is a further fact that the social political clime has metamorphosed from a disorientated approach towards governance which was the initial case to a well informed, cerebral and enlightened approach deciding their choice of candidacy during elections, criticisms and appraisal of the governance and government of the day in their her respective communities, which all culminate into subsequent decision making process that checkmates the performance or failure of any administration.

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BREAKING: See The Leading Candidate In Anambra Governorship Election, November 07, 2021.

Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo’s gubernatorial victory at the Anambra Polls is very historic, not just to the South Eastern people of Nigeria but the entire country as a whole because he is currently the second former Central Bank Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor in Nigeria’s history to also become governor of a state in the country.


The first former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria to ever win a gubernatorial seat was Clement Isong, former Governor of Cross River state.

Isong was CBN Governor from 1967 to 1975. He was Cross River State Governor in the Second Republic from 1979 to 1983. Isong is on the right side of the Nigeria’s current legal tender N1,000 📝


This milestone the Nigerian sociopolitical landscape has further given her populace the political audacity of hope from anticipated effective leadership after the election process because Nigerians nowadays are not just active participants in the political process of of great nation but are now the major stakeholders who determine the entry of state actors into the political space which makes their relevance in the political scheme of things more important than any one could ever imagine after the pains the people have been through before and even after their independence from external oppressors.


However, we youths need to gear up more than as expected, if not because of anything else but the fast approaching 2023 General elections that will determine another almost a decade fate of our dear nation.


There is no gain saying the fact that Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo clearly won the just concluded polls in Anambra State and as such should be congratulated by not just his people but by all Nigerians who should now wake up to the fact that a bigger task lies ahead in 2023.


This recent landslide victory by Soludo is a clear testament and justification of the reason I have always opined that intellectuals should lead Nigerians at every level of governance – that is from councillors up to the presidency and not just mere politicians.


However, the new governor elect should never abandoned his promises to his people who risked their lives just to come out and support his democratic ascension to the most reversed seat in the state, as four years are not forever.


This election is also an eye opener for Nigerians to go get their PVCs ready and massively decide the political future and destiny with their thumbs 👍 come February 18, 2023 (that is if the election date is not postponed as usual), because Nigeria belongs to Nigerians and not for the cabals.

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This is a further justification that the Voice of the People is the Voice of God (Vox Populi Vox Dei) and as such The Worst of Any Democracy Surpasses the Best Any Tyranny which be eschewed with all manner of civility, dialogue a most important through a free, fair, credible and transparent electioneering process.


I am looking forward to seeing a lot of Nigerian youths contesting for various positions across board from their local government areas to the national level, irrespective of their tribe or religion which should never be used to determine the leadership that Nigerians truly deserve no matter the sociocultural, political, or economic differences amongst those who genuinely have what it takes to lead Nigerians.

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Furthermore, Nigerians should used the Edo And Anambra Elections as positive sign posters that “Uhuru Is At Hand” because “When the Righteous Rule, The People Rejoice”.


I urge all Nigerians to continue to believe in Democracy and Never succumb to the already dwindling pressure of the oppressive and suppressive elements that have already lost their relevance overtime because NIGERIANS ARE WISER AND MORE KNOWLEDGEABLE than they think and and such CAN NOLONGER BE TAKEN FOR GRANTED POLITICALLY because NIGERIAN IS FOR ALL NIGERIANS and never for the Elitist Class who may have all the wealth and power but lack the trust of the majority who have decided to RESCUE NIGERIANS from their POISONOUS CLAWS AND PAWS.


Once more I join my faith with other well meaning Nigerians in encouraging all Nigerians to GET PREPARED for REDEMPTION come 2023


Therefore, we should all do well by GO Getting Our PVCs Ready because 2023 is at hand🤝. It is not far again👊 and we shall overcome ✊.

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