It’s gratifying when a lady knows how much her man loves her, that’s why she puts extra effort into making her man love her more. However, more reason for this is because, she wants to fully take over her man’s heart so as not to compete with any other lady. In this segment, I’ll be explaining 5 simple ways you can make your husband love you more. Just ensure that you read through and play your cards well.


1. Always encourage him to go for his passion. Men love women of value that is, women who can support, comfort, and understand them. Be the only one who gives him genuine hope when things are falling apart. Make him understand that there is still a bright future, no matter the present condition.


2. Never force your ideas on him. Most men dislike a situation whereby you unnecessarily impose things on them, just because he you feel it’s the best. Of course, you aren’t doing the right thing by forcing him to do your biddings, you should make suggestions and allow him to make the final decision. That way, he’ll value you more.

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3. Constantly make him feel special. Obviously, men also crave special treatment from their women. This could be surprising him with gifts, cooking his favorite dish, or even giving him a massage after the day’s work. You need to make him feel like a “King” so that he will treat you like his queen.


4. Stay neat and pretty always. Women who maintain neatness and good hygiene stand a better chance of winning their husband’s hearts. Several ladies are clueless about the fact that men are moved by what they see rather than the words they hear. Therefore, you need to start putting more effort into your physical appearance.


5. Avoid nagging. Nagging irritates men, that’s to say for him to love you more, you don’t need to continuously remind or annoyingly complain to him. You need to learn how to talk calmly to him, and never talk back at him whenever he is infuriated.

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