A 55 years old woman Esther Bamiloye who just got married to a 65 years old man as a virgin in Osun State says she is grateful God finally answered her prayers to get married.


In an interview with THE EAGLESFORESIGHT, Mrs Esther Bamiloye narrates her ordeals, she equally stated that the devil had planned to prevent her from getting married.


What is your name and age.

I am lady Evangelist Esther Bamiloye, now Mrs Bakare. I am the 55 years old woman that recently got married for the first time in her life. My husband is Isaac Bakare a 62 years old artisan. Before we got married, he was never married too.

I have a grade 2 certificate but am not into teaching.I am into garment production,I produce garments such as vest, sports wears, washable diapers and more.


Is There Any Story Behind Your Long Wait For Getting Married?


The devil had planned to stop me from getting married. When I felt i was ready there was no man coming for me. I kept waiting on God for a miracle until i reach 55. I never dated anybody till i got married, Initially, I thought the problem was from my former church and i left the church. But I give glory to God. He did it for me in my new church and all the barriers was removed.


Were You Under Any Kind Of Pressure From Family, Friends And Other During Your Long Wait For The Right Partner?


Things that can’t be ruled out, especially when you see your mates or those younger than you doing well, getting married and you are yet to do yours, definitely there will be pressure from the people around.


How Bad Was It?

It was tough, it was one of the reasons i left my former church and join another church because of the pressure was too much at some point.


What Exactly Did You Do To Survive The Pressure?

I was able to withstand the pressures because of my deep rooted faith, belief and focus on Christ Specifically God gave me that grace, dedication and help from certain quarters also sustained me althrough.


What was The Strangest Advice You Receive During This Period?

I can’t count them, but none of the pieces of advice really scared me. Except seeing my younger ones getting married on time. While I was waiting almost wasting away.


Do You Have Stories Of Relationship That Didn’t Work Out?


No I did not in any point in time have any date before i eventually got married. I lived a decent life throughout my school days. I didn’t have any relationship before. I accepted Christ very early and when i was still a student. I didn’t even give any thought to it as I knew I was not ready then.


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When Starting This Particular Relationship That Culminated In A Marriage, Did You Have Any Fears That It Might Not Work Out?

No at all my relationship was planned by God. The way God did it, it can’t be explained, it came into fulfilment just as God said it.


How Did You Meet Your Husband And What Attracted Him To You?


God has been revealing his pictures and personality to me and speaking to me about him through some people for over three years. Exactly on the day it reached three years that I first got the revelation, God sent the message again through a prophet. The description of his looks where he would come from and others matched perfectly when i set my eyes on him in Ilesa. My church is in Osogbo but we had an event in Ilesa where i met the man destained for me.

God also revealed our wedding date which was October 29 2021. The period between our meeting and wedding was really short. I give God the glory for remembering me after all these years.

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