Next Nigerian President Shouldn’t Be More Than 65 Years, Group Says


A political pressure group, Coalition of Independent Nigerian Groups (CING) has posited that Nigeria’s next president must not be beyond 55 – 65 years of age, saying “we need a leader whose age group cuts across the average age of Nigerians and who possesses a measure of reasonable acceptance.”


CING said in a statement on Friday that “for a better Nigeria, we need a president that is reliable, trustworthy, educated and selfless. It is germane for the next leadership to serve in an executive arm of government that has an unconditional commitment to the spirit of one Nigeria.”


In the statement endorsed by its National Coordinator, Mr. Williams Akintunde, the group posited that “we believe that Nigeria can be rescued and begin to have a new story to tell the world by building on existing legacies and seeking for a new beginning; this can be possible if we decide to pick the next president among exposed, matured and experienced citizens in the age bracket of 55–65 years old.”


The group held that Nigeria needed a president “who has mutual interest and respect for all creeds. We need a leader without any doubting of his or her character and devotion to the task of saving the day and restoring confidence in governance and the future of today’s builders and tomorrow’s leaders. Nigeria would survive if we make the right decision now despite the complex nature of our challenges and the suffering of a large number of our citizens below the poverty lines.


“Let us choose leaders that are ready to serve the people and the nation with vigor, knowing that our society needs leaders whose focus should transcend ethnicity to enable us to produce tangible results on the public’s core concerns.”


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According to him, there is no way Nigeria can move forward without a leader that will be acceptable to the North and the South. Hence, when the parties are searching within for their presidential candidates, it is imperative that they look for a candidate with honour and integrity, who has the exposure and intellectual capacity to lead and to mobilize resources to galvanize the path to a new and well developed Nigeria.


Akintunde advised that “we should begin to focus on choosing leaders that can serve as the go-between the past and the present generation with the capacity to deviate from the old norm and its corrupt tendencies.”


The younger generations of Nigerians are disturbed and worried, he posited and added that this is more so “whenever we remember the ages of our founding fathers when they started to struggle for independence and nation-building from colonial masters.”

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