The issue of zoning rising from different quarters cannot be waved off actually owing to the fact that the country has become polarized along ethno-religious lines more than ever, no thanks to the divisive, corrupt and nepotistic posture of President Buhari.

Politicians are bringing the zoning issue up for different schemings while they pretend that it is in the interest of their people. The people are never part of their calculations. People who claim it’s now the turn of their “brothers”, what exactly have these “brothers” done for them?

Do they even see this section of the masses as “brothers”? For example, Ota has the one of the worst and dreaded roads in Nigeria, yet a two-term President in two dispensations (military and civilian rule) came from that sub-region.

Niger Deltans and in particular, Bayelsans can’t sleep, feed and breathe well because of serious environmental pollution in that region but a Jonathan came from there. You don’t even want to talk about the Northern region.

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It has the highest number of poorest people, yet has produced the highest number of Presidents and Heads of State in this country. So the progress we desire is not about geo-political zones.

The ruling elite and the poor masses have already been zoned, where you come from does not matter, but we have taken a side with the poor masses. It is also important to state that it is not illegal for anyone from any part of the country to declare for the presidency.

For us at the African Action Congress, we believe that the quality of what is being brought to the table is what matters and not where it is brought from, and I am sure we do not share this sentiment alone. Nigerians are good people.

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The average Igbo would be less concerned about who the occupier of Aso Villa is, if he can do his business anywhere without being harassed and treated as if he’s less a Nigerian. The Yoruba would not consider the mother tongue of the President if they can go to farm and be assured of their safety from armed killer herdsmen.

The average Hausa/Fulani and other ethnic groups are concerned about economic progress, social justice and an economic system that is inclusive and not for the few rich. We have campaigned across the country and we found out that that is what every zone actually need and that is what we are bringing to the table.

– Femi Adeyeye

AAC Publicity Secretary.

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