A 73-year-old man has moved to court seeking to have his son surrender 20 percent of his earnings for his maintenance.


Gideon Kisira Cherowo, from Biirunda in Trans Nzoia County, claims that his 48-year-old son, Washington Chepkombe Cherowo, abandoned him despite having contributed to his education until university level.


In the papers filed at Kitale High Court, Mzee Cherowo, stated that his son does not send him any upkeep even though he is currently working at the Kenya Airports Authority.

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According to the man,he said that he sold lands and some of his properties to train his son who is now working at the Kenyan’s international airport in Narobi so they expect him in return to take care of his family.


The 73 years old Gideon Kisira Cherowo told BBC that his son who is his second son has not returned home for over 17years now and the family have been requesting for his help since 2008 but has not done anything for the family.

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According to report from Kenya says that Gideon Kisira Cherowo who has four sons is living in a mud house in the western part of Kenya while his son who is currently working in Kenyan’s international airport is living in Narobi the capital city of Kenya.

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