The Sagamu Youth Association (SYA) has through it PRO, Sholarin Adedapomola, in a statement signed by the president, Comrade Sikiru Olusegun Abdulwasiu Congratulates comrade Gbenga Lawal, otherwise known as Ambassador Easy on his birth day.


“Sagamu Youth Association feats would have been mere tantalising phantasms without the convener of SYA rebirth, and electoral umpire of this reverend constellation of brilliance, Comr. Gbenga Lawal.”

“The electoral chair was almost demonized in the lead-up to the election by some power that be, but He remained steadfast on trajectory of Concerned Sagamu Youths. Only in February, Comr. Gbenga facilitated and presided over meetings across youths zones (1, 2 and 3) which conveyed the necessity for youths of Sagamu to uninamously break away from stagnancy, and setting the record straight that youths in Sagamu are pace setters. And to the admiration of numerous citizenries of Sagamites home and in diaspora, Comr. Gbenga alongside six (6) other members of the electoral/caretaker committee, organised arguably the most peaceful youth election in the history of Sagamu Local Government.”

His participation in the rebirth of SYA was a moment of immense pride for Sagamites, and it was also a moment when he positively passed his stiffness test.

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EAGLESFORESIGHT recalls that the last few months have been particularly worthwhile with him, especially seeing him publicly calling Sagamu Youth Association out, to be accountable to the people who voted us in office. Notwithstanding the coerced mulling from him in recent time, we are glad to be associated with the erstwhile caretaker chairman of Sagamu Youth Association, herewith Comr. Gbenga Lawal on his birth anniversary deserves nothing but ovation, Says the Executives.



Comr. Sikiru Olusegun Abdulwasiu

President, Sagamu Youth Association

20th of November, 2021

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