Greatest Sagamite youths, this killings must stop now, says Honourable Adewale Moshood Osho.


In a press statement forwarded and observed by Eaglesforesight, Hon. Adewale charges the youths of Sagamu to kindly come together as one, for peace and love to reign in the land.


“The youths of sagamu should think wise, it is unfortunate to have been seeing this barbaric acts and I won’t keep mute because when you build the youth then you build the nation.”


“These uncalled for situations of some certain sagamu youths are getting out of hands and it’s painting the whole community bad in the society at large.”


I am calling out the progressive youths of sagamu that we are all brotherhoods, if not by blood but by the ancestorial lineages, particularly ORISAGAMU EWA that bound us together. We need to stop this killing please enough is enough, says Osho.


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“The youths should remember that we all grew up together, majority of the said youths went to the same primary schools as at childhood and even some at secondary schools. Majorly we all lives closer to each other in the community right from our infant age to our adult age.”


However, Hon. Osho said, that it’s so saddened to witness the great youth of Sagamu killing themselves, youths they say are leaders of tomorrow. Behold, now the question we ought to by now asking ourselves is that, if the youth are killing themselves now, what will be the hope of the acclaimed leaders in sagamu for tomorrow.


“We are loosing our future potentials, youth that suppose to make our community great, those that could write sagamu name in gold and that would have made sagamu be proud of in future, should have a rethinking and come back home.”


“Sagamu youths, I beg of you to stop the killings that is leading to untimely deaths. Don’t let the mother’s cries any longer more. Don’t put father’s in pains anymore , let them (the parents) eat the fruit of their labour’s, don’t let them witness their child being buried in their presence all because of unwarranted but avoidably killings.”


“And I would be making use of this opportunity to call on the Akarigbo in council, the House of Representatives, the House of Assemblies and the Governor of Ogun State to look into this issue at Large… Osho Adewale says.


OrisagamuEwa Agbewa.


Screenshot of Adewale Osho press statement


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