Coup simply means a forceful take over of power, legally or illegally but this is what has been ongoing for long in the country.

How will you expect a political office holder, who got in through rigging to respect the masses, but the baseline from the military system remains that if any soldier tries to take over power, and gets caught they are usually being killed after serious court marshal, what has been their punishment here in the country, they get celebrated for stealing and taking over power, against the will of the people.

Rigging, and electoral fraud has not been of help to our democracy, as this will always keep wrong hands into our political space, with no interest in development but personal entitlements and benefits.

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A case of money bag politics in the country where brilliant men with great ideas will never want to play dirty, or let baboon get soaked in their blood.

Insecurities facing the country may not get solved till the political class are willing to act right but many of them will never want to act, as the criminals causing issues are the cub they kept, are now matured lions ready to feast I hope our leaders will  on the said list published by America containing supposed list of Boko Haram sponsors.

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Lingering cases of suspension of some political office holders in the country is gradually becoming popular based on transit to another political party, after they won on the will of the people who either voted them or the political party that got them to the office.

Fake Philanthropic gestures are tools they are using to solicit votes from the grassroots; the less developed society of underprivileged people, who have less or no information of the global standard in electioneering process but sees philanthropic gestures as only factor to vote, which the politicians keep feasting on to attain political office, it’s time all these end.

The elites should rise, educate, and mobilize, the grassroots to help our society, and support individuals amongst themselves for political seat based on antecedents, professional successes, and readiness for development

The policies from uneducated Political office holders will affect all, let’s get involved.

It is another season of electioneering, I wish Nigerians will rise to solve these issues, and make the country great.

Hon. Olusola Obadimu
Hon. Olusola Obadimu

Partner in Development,

Candidate of African Action Congress AAC during the 2019 polls for State House of Assembly Odeda State Constituency Ogun State.


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