A strong warning has been sent out to Sagamu political office holders by an indigenous son of the town from Diaspora.


Omoluabi Tokunbo Soluade has come out again to call on his Constituency politicians, that those who are very close to them  (public office holders in Sagamu) should remind them this that our people are lacking and shall hold them responsible on a literal note before us.


Below are the few among those he publicly calls out from their slumbers to wake up to Clarion call.

1. Member House Of Rep to Remo Federal Constituency at Abuja, Hon Onanuga Oriyomi Adewunmi

2.  Sagamu Constituency 1, House of Assembly, Deputy Leader, Hon Abdul Bashir Oladunjoye (Segun Shitta)

3. Sagamu Constituency 2, House Of Assembly member, Hon Adeniran Sapele

4. Executive Chairman of Sagamu Local Government Area, Hon Odulate Afolabi Jubril (Afoo)

5. Honourable Commissioner for women affairs, Funmi Akinyebo Efuwape, 


“Sagamu people will really appreciate a Pedestrian Bridge (Bridge Elese) at Sagamu Express Junction Axis.”


In a statement of Tokunbo Soluade As been quoted by Eaglesforesight, he says, ‘even if Govt cannot afford it, we have Billionaires in Sagamu & Remo who won’t know they spent anything to fully sponsor a Pedestrian Bridge, alternatively they can make it open for all Sagamites home and abroad, Companies in Sagamu and Friends of Sagamu people to contribute anything they can afford to the Project.’ 


“We don’t necessarily have to wait till when another accident occur at Express Junction.”Says Tokunbo


“This is a reminder and polite appeal.”


Sincerely Yours, 


Toks Soluade 

Tuesday 16th November, 2021.

One thought on “Until Sagamu Political Office Holders Do This, They Remains Failure To Their Constituency- By Toks Soluade”
  1. Thanks, there are also the problem of bad roads, Sagamu has only three good roads in the whole city. Oba Erinwole, Akarigbo and hospital road .I appeal to all Sagamite political officers to join hand together and make Sagamu proud again.

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