Ambassador Maxwell the A.D (POLITICAL ANALYST AND APC PARTY CHIEFTAIN) also the APC task force secretary had said; most of the party leaders, governors and ministers (Osinbajo, Fayemi, Amosun, Fashola, Aregbeshola, Oshiomole, Okorocha, kalu, Bello etc) are waiting for Tinubu presidential decision.

“I can categorically tell you that once he declare or show interest to contest, all the listed name above will forget about their ambition and aligned with the king maker, Says Maxwell

“Because what do they have to challenge the Awolowo of our generation.”

Everyone knows who is highly influential and can win Presidential election with ease.

Some people are saying notherners won’t support or doesn’t want Asiwaju Bola Ahmed as president, i asked myself why?

“In 2007 general election, it was obviously clear that he singlehandedly built a party Ac with his money and gave a northerner to contest for president.

Come 2011 again, Tinubu In ACN buit a party and also financed a northerner as presidential candidate.

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How about Fast tracking back the records to 2015, wasn’t it not open to all that he helped to built a party and rescue Nigeria from PDP 16 years of ruling Nigerians to disarray, firstly by ensuring a notherner win APC primary election by bringing it down to Lagos State instead of Abuja and also massively sponsoring Notherner to win general election.”

In the year 2019 he came to supported the reelection bid of northerner under the party he built.

(From Maxwell archive: Atiku Abubakah, Nuhu Ribadu, Muhammed Buhari)

”Obviously won’t northerner be as ingrate as nothing to be compared with if they fail to rally round Jagaban for 2023 incase, if he insisted on contestin.

The first person that will drop his aspiration once tinubu declare to contest is Prof Yemi Osibajo, Maxwell said.

And if Tinubu decided not to contest, let us be expecting all the listed name above to show interest, Femi Gbajabiamila likely not to be ruled out of the race if he also shows Interest.


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