It is good to let the pope know what is happening around him that he is not aware of in the Catholic Church.

Archbishop Augustine Obiora Akubeze has been hovering the Vatican City to say that there is vacancy and that he wants to install a Bishop.

The question is which Diocese, or does he want to kill any Bishop and install another one. Nigerian Bishops beware and take note of this important message. The Pope should do proper investigation for any list presented to him. It is unfortunate that Archbishop Akubeze that is a canonist is the person negating the Cannon Law.

It has become a re-occurrent decimal for Archbishops to deprive the incumbent Bishops of Dioceses from choosing their successors in with the Cannon law. Most of them work with Apostolic Nucios with special reference to Archbishops Antonio Guido Filipazzi who collects bribe then connaive with propaganda Fidei (congregation for envagelization of peoples) with the help of the notorious Adjust Secretary, Archbishop Giampietro Dal Toso.

As we speak there are petitions that the department is sitting on. Call the prefect and the secretary to brief you and put a curse on anyone that will hide them.

The Pope should revisit the dioceses of Ilorin and Aba, the same thing happened to Ahiara diocese and the person that caused the trouble who manipulated the names is left unpunished. Although the Ahiara Diocese over reacted but it is time to look into their matter and forgive them.

The Pope should set an independent body to look into these matters and should pacify the affected Dioceses by giving them Auxiliaries.

The Nigerian State House should stop Archbishop Akubeze from entrying the place because he lacks moral justification if he can oppress fellow Bishops.

The department of Sacred propagation Fidei was established by Pope Gregory XV in 1622. It is historically known as De Propaganda Fide. It is one of the Dicasteries that make up the Roman Curia and organisations that help the pantiff in the exercise of his supreme pastoral office for the good and the service of the Universal Church but they have failed the church and humanity because of their manipulations.

The Pope should also know that many deacons and seminarians have been deprived although some are not innocent.

The church that ordains the assumed good and well behaved priest, how is it that the so called good seminarians and Deacons are ones troubling the Bishops and the church?

Against this background, the following suggestions are passionately recommended:

1. That the Pope should set up an independent committee to monitor the Dioceses and Archdiocese all over the world.

2.  That the Pope should create an avenue to reach out to the deprived Deacons and Seminarians and any one found trustworthy for ordination and ordain them for Dioceses in need of priest and also some Bishops are fond of driving away their deacons a night before their ordination day.

3. That Filipazzi and Giampietro should resign their appointment immediately.

4. That the Pope should immediately drop the African Nucios and bring up new persons.

5. That the Pope should never listen to Archbishop Akubeze except if the matter is directly consigned to his Archdiocese.

Mr Gogoros Anthony

An ex-seminarian


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