SARS: On the very faithful day in 7th of December 2021, I was returning from Ogun State to Lagos in my car. At Oju Ore some plain cloth men blocked my way and ordered me to park. I lowered my side glass to know why I should Park. Unfortunately I had forgotten to lock my door. Before I knew it they were all in my car.


They said I changed lane while driving and that was an offence. I couldn’t remember changing lane even if it has become an offence to change Lane in a free flowing traffic. They asked me not to worry that they will simply caution me if I have not been cautioned before. They asked the one in front seat to go with me to confirm if or not I have been cautioned before and the others came down from my car.


The man started speaking so sweetly to me that I couldn’t suspect him any more. He told me whence they check their records and it shows I have never been cautioned they will book my plate number as caution and let me go. He took me into Oke-Ado local government premises and we drove behind it into a cleared plot like an abandoned mechanic workshop with a pit facility for wheel alignment and balancing.


Immediately about four men rushed out and surrounded my car. They asked the man who brought me if I gave him tough time on the way and he said NO. They took my key from me and the man that brought me left the scene.


They told me they will give me ticket of N150000 to go to Abeokuta to pay before retrieving me car but because I cooperated that one of them should take me to the POS where I should transfer N50000 and take back my car. I simply took my bag from the car and started leaving and they blocked my way and asked me where I was going. I told them I was leaving because I don’t have N50000 in my account. I made a quick call to our brother the Police commissioner but he didn’t pick. They ordered me to bring my wallet for search. I told them there is nothing to search that I have only N10000 in the wallet. They asked me to bring the N10000.


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At this time I had started to feel unsafe. I brought out my wallet and incidentally I had N12000. I gave them N10000 but they insisted I must give them the whole N12000. So I gave them the N12000 just to see if I could leave the scene. So they asked one of them to take me out through a small gate manned by two men. As we were approaching the gate the Police commissioner called me. They asked me to ignore the call and leave the premises. I told them it was the Police Commissioner and I cannot ignore his call. I deliberately put it on speaker so they could hear.


The Commissioner asked me what the matter was and I narrated to him. He asked me to keep cool that he will asked the DPO to storm there with his men. On hearing that both the one in my car and the two at the gate fled. I waited at the gate for about five minutes thinking of what next to do. I decided afterward to forget about them and drove home.


It has cost me N12000 and stress to get this experience to share with you so don’t be the next victim. Lessons to learn are as follows:

(1) Always lock your doors when driving

(2) Always have your door glasses up if you are using a/c. Wind it down a little to speak to unknown persons outside the car

(3) Don’t follow any plain cloth person to any office no matter how sweet his tongue may be. I could have raised alarm if I were not deceived by his sweet talks

(4) Don’t follow anybody to any local government premises.

(5) The Commissioner said that from the recent Court judgment in River State FRSC has no right to impound any vehicle not to talk of non paramilitary persons.


A word is enough for the wise. Pls, share this post to as many platforms as possible for others to learn from. I have paid the price for you.


I have signed this post so you know it is not a fake news. I understand the risk but I care for you.


SOURCE: Bro. Ray Agu

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