There is the biggest problem in the cities,

Is it because parents nowadays don’t care much,

These streets s**k the love right out of our hearts,

And none of these elders, kings, and politicians cares,

Kids robbing each other, young men turning fraudsters, drug dealers, and cultists,

Our young girls with a brighter future turning prostitutes,

All we see on our street is mothers holding her head and cry,

Because her son had been shot on the street and died,

Oh, Why? Oh, Why?

Our streets turned to ghettos,

But we can’t get any lower,

So I’m asking God how we can dig ourselves out?

But we can’t even afford a shovel,

If it ain’t about money then nobody cares,

There is a pandemic in the hood everybody needs to come together,

Just to solve those problems.

We were taught to be the tough guys,

And we were told just to remain silent,

Is there a problem that I don’t know about?

Is there a problem that I haven’t heard about?

Sad and sick young men are robbing each other, 

Our girls with a brighter future turning prostitutes and drug dealers,

We won’t get much further unless we start helping each other.

Negativity is now a norm,

No one cares about the truth anymore,

Those who work diligently are now lazy,

Making illegal money is the right channels,

Say it as it is, no one cares.

Politicians abusing our energetic young men for the poverty they created.

Oh, why? Oh why? 😰😰😰😰🙏

I am sincerely tired of writing, but my heart is bleeding.

Orisun Sagamu


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