Buhari And Osinbajo To Spend 3.4 Billion On Travels And Transportation In 2021 Alone By Adedara Oduguwa PhD

For some days now I have been sad about how the former pastor Yemi Osinbajo and his boss bad-boy Gen. Muhammadu Buhari have been accumulating wealth at the expense of over one hundred million extremely poor Nigerians. 

I have also dedicated part of my time to audit some of government’s expenditures inform of a lean-financial analysis (separating real spendings from waste).

Continuously in this period, only one question resonates my heart, why do we continuously have visionless and greedy opportunists in this nation as leaders? What is our offence and why are these political officers this heartless?

While pensioners continuously die on queue for no payment of gratuity and emoluments, teachers and police could not afford life’s necessities, same way students suffer from qualitative education (due to dilapidated facilities), malaria keeps keeping 1 Nigerian every 15 minutes, the roads are dungeons (a gateway to early grave), electricity continuously powered by Yahama Generator, jobs are only for the Yusuf’s of our world, Nigerians’ rights and privileges dashed etc. 

In all these, Gen. Buhari and Former Pastor Osinbajo are busy wasting the presupposed loan on wastes. I ask again, who did we offend?

For instance, the past three days has seen me auditing various form of The President’s and his vice budget. The first was the budget on local gas, which was inflated with about N17m when actual cost was N20,000 less than N500,000. The duo have budgeted N18million naira for the purchase of gas. 

Similarly, yesterday I audited their foodstuff budget of N296million and found a surplus of N186,500,000 (after allotting N150,000 to each per day). This foodstuff budget was inflated by over 150percent (lower in comparison to gas which was inflated with more than 1400 percents). Today, I will be auditing the N3.4billion travels and transportation budget. 

First, bad-boy Buhari will be spending N2.4billion on travels. That is, N2,400,000,000 on local and international travels. The break down:

1. N1.65 billion is for the president’s international travels 

2.N775 million is for local travels.

Similarly, former Pastor Osinbajo is to spend N801 million on travels. The specifics:

1. N517 million on international travels

2.N283 million on local travels 

However, when i first saw this aspect of the budget, I paused and asked myself, ‘are they traveling to heaven or the space?

Let’s put this into statistics; 2,400,000,000365=N6,575,342 per day. That is, bad boy Gen. Buhari has budgeted 6.6m for himself on travels per day (including Fridays when he is supposed to rest and be in the Mosque). 

While N801,000,000365=2,194,520 per day. That is, the innocent former pastor Osinbajo has budgeted N2.2m for himself on travels per day (including Sundays when he is supposed to rest and be in Church).

Comparatively, according to Payscale (2020) average Secondary School Teacher annual salary in Nigeria is ₦485,386. When you divide this figure by twelve months (a year) you will get N40,448.8 (approximately, N40,449). Dividing this figure per days (365days) you will get N110.8.That means, an average teacher in Nigeria earns N111 daily teaching the leaders of tomorrow. 

Similarly, according to Nigerianinfopedia (2020) on the average Nigerian Police Officer. A new police recruit earns 108,233 per annum. That is 9,019 per month and N296.5 per day while average transportation cost of any city in Nigeria is N200 (to and fro) and food per meal is (N500 on the average).

Now, Nigeria has 371,800 police officers. When you divide 3.4billion (money budgeted for Buhari and Osinbajo to travel in 2021) by the number of Nigerian Police Officers (371,800), you will get, 9144.7 (approximately 9,145). 

In other words, what Buhari and Osinbajo has budgeted to spend on travels alone in 2021 can pay the salaries of all Nigerian Police officers in one month and can pay that of teachers in 2.5 months. 

Can you now see why Buhari is a bad boy and Osinbajo is a former pastor? The duo want us to keep sacrificing our happiness, welfare, health and progress while they embezzle our commonwealth to buy wastes. 

If you are still supporting anyone of them, you are a fool!, Adedara Says.








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