CHEERS: Fatherhood Message To My Three (3) Months Old Son.

Three (3) Months Old; An Open Letter to My Son.

20th April, 2021

Dear Prince Ademide!

Prince Adewale Isaac Ademide

I wish I had the right pictures here to express myself, You are the Strength of my Youth, The new version of me and the reason to know that it is insane for me not to Live well. 


You are ALL about smiles whenever I set my lovely eyes on you my dear Prince Adewale Isaac Ademide.


You have a lot of pictures because myself and your mother are quick to take selfies of you and with you, But I really wanted one that showed your whole little, pretty, charming and cute body so I could see how much you are growing! (Even though I want you to stay little forever which I know it’s not possible).


Anyways, you are three months old today, I was home to check on you last Week Sunday in Lagos with my dear brother like relative blood family, in person of Comrade Akande Oluwaseun Ifedayo, You were full of Life, of course that is what you and one of your name Implies (Ayomikun) and I just like spending time with you more than I like being with your mum and my phone.


I am in love writing to you and your Mother from here.


It ensures that I take the time to document and appreciate the little moments. I love looking at you through your pictures.


This has been such a big month it seems! You are so much fun, and are such a sweet, lovely and charming Prince 🤴.


You have started cooing, and it is the best sound ever. I really like the way you laugh, too.


You love the morning time, and are full of smiles when you wake up. You are not a fan of the evening, and you are always on logger heads with the Nights, however right about 5:00am every day you get pretty agitated with everything. Wakes myself and your mother up, just to tell us, you made it to the next day.


You are pretty easy to figure out. You only cry when you are feeling heat, hungry, tired, or in the carseat. you hate being left alone.


Your cries are pretty distinct, your hungry cry is loud and throaty, and your tired cry is drawn out and whimper-y. Your tired cry is kind of heart-wrenching. Oh!!! What a Wonderful Baby you are.


You smile at everyone, but I do believe you think and know your dad is the funniest. I goof around with you a lot and gets lots of big smiles. Your Mother loves you so much. She is always mindful of you, and sometimes eats a lot just to tell me, you are the cause. What an Awesome mother she is, she loves you dearly and it so easy to see through her that she is Proud to have you.


I love your coos, your soft chubby cheeks, and naps with you on my chest.


Even when your mother is tired, she loves picking your snugly, warm little body up in the middle of the night when you are hungry, most times, I would have slept off, but she is always awake. I can assure you, you will be proud of her and we are hopeful you will make us proud too.





I love to be with you, carry you in my arms, I love watching you in your wrap and carrier.


I gave up a lot of things especially the second day of less than 48hrs you are welcomed to this world, daddy almost carelessly lost you to the hand of cold death after spending 72hrs in hospital immediately in less than 2days you were born but God instantly forbid such unforgettable day, here you are and I’m happy to celebrate with you. I shall have no reasons to cry over you in Jesus name.


I can’t talk about alot I passed through here to make sure you are survived! But I promise to tell you when you come of age.


Although, I still listen to music(s) with the speakers as loud as it can.



I gave up things that do not matter long ago before you were born, but I just can’t quit being a Revolutionary; this too I promise to tell you more about when you grow.


It was just like Yesterday the creator gave you to us, and we have not had any reason to regret, you came to us as a BLESSING, we had never lacked anything since you came and in addition, your coming has established us (Myself and your Mom) more in Love and Unity.


Once again thanks for deeming it fit to come to Us.


Indeed Time does just fly!


Myself and your Mom Loves you so darely and we won’t stop Loving you.


Your Dad.

Comrade Bashiru Hammed Adewale

Aka King Lahbash

A political activist and a nation builder

Director Of Finance (SYA)

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