Cruiser Vs. Sportbike

Cruisers and sports motorcycles are the two motorcycle types many people get confused with. So when one wants to buy a new motorcycle, these two Motorcycles always come to mind, and many don’t know their differences and oftentimes get confused on deciding which to buy.

What is the difference btw cruisers and sports motorcycles? These two motorcycles are different, and truthfully each of them has different purposes. While Cruisers are built for riding at slow speed on public roads because they’re slow, have different positions for riding, and are heavy, Sports motorcycles, on the other hand, are designed for fast, high-speed races as they’re lightweight and quick.

This article will bring to light both bikes’ key features so you can decide the one that’s good for you. Sports bike is suitable for people that want agility and speed when riding, while Cruisers bike is perfect for someone that wants a riding experience that’s relaxing,

Cruisers and who they’re suitable for

The first thing you should know is what a cruiser is; the word cruise is probably giving you Harley motorcycles thought as they make plenty of Cruisers. So cruisers are built with massive engines that are able to reach more than 2000cc, but their technology is old, their horsepower is low, and they’re not fast.

Cruisers offer you a design that’s relatively old, but many people love this old design, so they keep on buying them. While the older ones go for cruisers, the younger ones choose to ride sports motorcycles. In a survey that was conducted, almost sixty percent of sports motorcycle owners are within 30 years, and twenty-five percent ride Cruisers. Most accidents happen among young people riding sports motorcycles because the bike is only fit for the advanced rider, while Cruisers suit beginners.

Cruisers sitting position is different from that of sports motorcycles. In cruisers, your feet are to be placed in front while you raise your hands upward with your body leaned backward. Some people like it, while some don’t. It all depends on your preference.

I would say that Cruiser’s biggest advantage is the relaxing sitting position and comfort it offers. This means you’ll enjoy long rides without experiencing pain which is different from sports motorcycles as they’re less comfortable.

Sports motorcycles are lighter than Cruisers, and this is so because of the big engine size cruisers have. An average Cruiser will weigh 400 to 700lbs (181-317kg), which is really heavy, and some cruisers weigh more like 1000pounds or more like Harley motorcycles.

The question now is if you should buy a cruiser; well, cruisers will be perfect for people who speed, don’t worry, people that are in love with old designs, and the ones who want motorcycles that can give them smooth road handling. So if you make up your mind to purchase it, I would recommend you purchase Harley as they’re the best producers of Cruisers, and their Cruiser is the best offer in the market.

My personal opinion on Cruisers is that, in most cases, they suit older people more; the people that buy them are mostly older people because of their old designs. On the other hand, sports motorcycles suit young riders because they usually want modern designs, speed, and power.

Cruisers Pros

  • Relaxing and comfortable riding position (enjoy long rides without experiencing pain)
  • Cool ’80s designs (an advantage for those that like old designs)
  • Plenty moments
  • Friendly and safe for beginners/novice riders
  • The handling is good on the road

Cruisers Cons

  • Very heavy (weighs up to1000 pounds or more)
  • Old design (a disadvantage for those that don’t like old designs)
  • Its performance is not powerful, and it’s old
  • More expensive
  • Not a good motorcycle for races
  • Slow
  • Bad acceleration

Sport Motorcycles and who they are suitable for?

This type of motorcycle is very popular on the market. They are very powerful, offer high performance, and are the very best on the market. Their designs are impressive, and they can reach fast acceleration and speed.

In addition, their design fits the built high-quality construction and is amazing. This is the reason why it is loved by many young people.

The acceleration and speed of this motorcycle are crazy, and also the fastest on the market. Many sport motorcycle comes with a 600-1000cc engine. The speeds they produce are amazing, mostly because they’re light. And average sport motorcycle weighs 400 pounds, and this is why they’re perfect for racing.

Sport motorcycles equally have different styles for sitting. Its sitting style puts the legs close to the rider’s body because the leg pegs are high and the body weight is mostly forward, meaning that the sport motorcycle sitting position is not comfortable compared to Cruisers.

It’s important to note that maintaining a sport motorcycle is very expensive, and the motorcycle itself is equally more expensive mostly because its performance is crazy.

So, who does Sport motorcycles suit? Truthfully, a sport motorcycle is a very bad choice for someone that’s learning or a novice. It then entails that if you’re getting this motorcycle, you should have had driving experience on a motorcycle that’s below 600cc because these motorcycles are too fast with crazy acceleration. Controlling them is more difficult, and this is why you should be skilled with enough riding experience before using a sport motorcycle.

Sport Motorcycles Pros

  • Beautiful and modern design
  • Production materials are very high quality
  • Excellent treatment
  • Perfect for racing
  • Crazy performance
  • Agile
  • Very fast

Sport motorcycles Cons

  • Uncomfortable
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Maintenance is expensive
  • Doesn’t have protection from the wind
  • Less stable

The Differences between Cruisers and Sport Motorcycles

Sport Motorcycles are not as comfortable as cruisers

Sport motorcycles are not ideal for long-distance rides because they’re not comfortable. All motorcyclists will agree that this motorcycle is very uncomfortable because their sitting style usually puts you in a position where your body has to struggle. Sport motorcycle doesn’t protect its rider from wind. The little effort needed to stabilize them is the reason why they’re best for short rides and racing.

On the other hand, Cruisers are perfect for long-distance rides because they’re comfortable and stable and offer good sitting positions that’ll make you want to learn on the bike. This makes Cruisers perfect when it comes to comfort, and sport motorcycles aren’t getting to Cruiser’s comfort level.

If your utmost desire is convenience, then you should consider this before making up your mind on which bike to buy. The same thing goes for if you want to go for long-distance rides. Cruisers will provide you with these needs, whereas sport bikes are perfect for racing or short-distance rides.

Cruiser Vs. Sportbike

Sportbike runs faster than a Cruiser.

Sport bikes are known as the fastest motorcycle on the market. This doesn’t mean they’re the only type of bike that’s faster than a Cruiser. Sport motorcycles reach crazy acceleration and have fast speeds and powerful horsepower as opposed to Cruisers which are slow and can’t give up to half of the power sport bikes offer regarding speed. It is important for you to know that this slow Cruiser can actually be a pro bike for beginners or novices because they need bikes that don’t have high speed.

Sport Motorcycles performance is better than that of a Cruiser.

It is already very clear that the bike with better performance is a sport motorcycle as opposed to Cruiser. This is so because sports motorcycles come with strong and impressive performance. Also, sports motorcycles are not just better when it comes to speed alone but are equally better when it comes to production material quality, brakes, and everything another thing that has to do with technology. The reason why sports bikes are perfect for racing is that they are supposed to win from a performance standpoint.

Sport Motorcycles designs are Modern, While Cruisers designs are Old Designs.

Truthfully, there’s no better design because it depends on the individual’s preference. Some love cruiser’s old designs, while others love sports motorcycles’ modern and beautiful designs.

Most of the time, Cruiser’s designs is loved by older people as it’s reminiscent of 80s motorcycle for them, while sport bikes are loved by younger ones because of their modern and impressive design.

Cruisers weigh more than Sport Motorcycles.

The Cruiser is very heavy. An average Cruiser’s weight starts from four hundred pounds and reaches over a thousand pounds. Its engine is large and built from materials that are heavy, making them slow and very heavy.

But sport bike has a small engine and weighs 450 pounds or more, making them very light and allowing them to accelerate better and faster.

When you want to choose a cruiser, its weight is your decision. You have to know that riding will be more difficult with its weight and it’ll require more effort as opposed to sport bikes which require little and is easier to ride.

Cruisers Offer Better wind Protection than Sports bikes.

You’ll experience plenty of uncomfortable wind when you ride a bike, especially if it’s a long-distance ride. Sport bikes have no significant feature for protecting riders against the wind, mostly because the wind will be much due to fast speed, while Cruisers have better protection against the wind because they don’t run fast like sport bikes. Personally, I don’t like the idea of too much wind hitting my face when riding. It’s quite annoying and gets worse in winter because it’ll just be like cold air slapping your face, and I’m sure there’s no rider that’ll like it too, especially if they’re on a long-distance ride. Consider this when deciding on which to buy, but if you conclude on buying a sport bike, I’ll advise you to install protection against wind.

Sport bikes are perfect for experienced riders, whereas Cruisers suit beginners.

Sport bikes can reach very high speeds, and they offer ultimate performance. As a beginner, getting a sport bike as your first bike is like a suicide mission cos sports bikes art too powerful, and there’s a high chance of you getting involved in a very bad accident with it. With this, I can say that sports bikes are best for riders with experience.

The slow nature of Cruisers makes them perfect for people without experience or beginners. If you’re a beginner, get a cruiser, and if you’re experienced, you can go for a sport bike.

Cruisers are more expensive.

Cruisers are more expensive than sports bikes, but that’s not so in every case. Truthfully, the difference isn’t something small, so you’ll have to consider that too

 Cruisers need less maintenance than sport motorcycles

Although Cruisers cost more, Sports motorcycles take up more expenses for maintenance. You can spend from 100 dollars to even up to a thousand dollars on sportbike maintenance, but it depends on the type of sports motorcycle you have. Note that the experience of maintenance increases as the bike’s power does.

Maintaining a sport motorcycle is this expensive because their performance is crazy. Infact sport motorcycles being faster should be a hint that you’ll spend more on fueling them. Cruisers are more economical when it comes to fueling

More weight can be put on Cruisers than on Sport Motorcycles

Cruisers’ heavyweight makes it capable of loading more weight on it or equipment. It’s also better for someone that weighs very heavily, unlike sports bikes that don’t suit heavy equipment or loads.

So, Which One Should I Pick, A Cruiser or a Sports Motorcycle?

Generally, no bike is considered to be better than others. They have their disadvantages and advantages, and they’re all made for different purposes. If you’re a beginner, a bike that’s very fast is dangerous for you, so it’s ideal that you buy a Cruiser. But if you’re an advanced or experienced rider, and you want a fast ride, a sport motorcycle will meet that need.

Frequently Asked Questions – Cruiser Vs. Sportbike

Which ride is easier, A Sport motorcycle or a Cruiser?

Cruisers’ stability makes them great for beginners. It’s easier for new riders to learn how to ride with a motorcycle that’s stable, comfortable, and with low power potential. Cruisers can offer this.

What does Cruiser Bike mean?

Cruiser bikes, also known as beach cruiser or motorbikes, are bicycles that promote uses their frame geometry to promote upright riding positions. Cruiser motorcycles utilize coaster brakes, padded sales that are large, single-speed drivetrain, ‘ballon tires’ that are fat, and flared, wider handlebars.

What is Sport Motorcycle good for?

Cruisers are heavier when compared to sports motorcycles, but sports motorcycles feature many styles. Sport bike’s approach to riding is the “better look good than feel good” thought. So generally, it’s better for short rides to avoid causing so much body strain.

What are Cruiser Bike’s benefits?

Lower torque is delivered by their large-displacement V-twin engine, and this makes them less demanding during rides because you’ll not have to shift frequently for you to keep control and accelerate. This makes riding Cruisers easy and a perfect option for newbies.

Is it good exercise to ride a Cruiser Bike?

One good low-key way of keeping yourself active while you are on vacation is with Cruiser bikes. Naturally, bicycles are low-impact workouts because it doesn’t just give you a complete full body workout, it strengthens your muscles and reduces mental blocks also, help you fight fatigue, and increase flexibility.

What’s the point of getting a Cruiser Motorcycle?

A cruiser bike is designed for people that love riding bikes around their towns and doing it with style, that is, with a good-looking motorcycle. Most people that buy Cruisers enjoy bikes with low seat heights and powerful engines. They enjoy long-distance and moderate rides with some other features like saddlebag storage, highway pegs, and windshield.

What’s The Difference Btw Sport Motorcycle and Cruiser Motorcycle?

One primary difference btw a Cruiser and a Sports bike is their riding position. A cruiser’s seat is low compared to that of a sport bike, and a cruiser’s handlebars are wide and inclined towards the bike’s rear, which makes them comfortable and perfect for long rides. It has a vast pillion seat and a footrest that is placed further than a bike’s standard position.

Can Cruiser Bike be recommended for someone that has Back pain?

Cruiser motorcycles are perfect for long-distance rides/travels because the riding posture and its features offer the rider is relaxing. These features include wide handlebars and footrests that are spaced out and placed to be away from the body in such a way that the biker’s sitting posture throughout the trip will be relaxing.

Conclusion – Cruiser Vs. Sportbike

Both sportbikes and cruisers have their different cons and pros. It’s important for you to take into consideration what your needs are before you make a decision. If you’re aware of what it is you want from a motorcycle, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find the one that’ll be right for you.

We hope you found this article helpful and useful in your search to get the perfect motorcycle for you. Thank you for reading.

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