Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, has disclosed that he is under pressure to join race for the 2023 presidential election.

Daniel made the disclosure when the editorial board of Penpushing Media paid him a courtesy call, explaining that, the agitation from his supporters was that, he is more qualified to contest the presidency.

‘What my people are asking me to do is even more than senatorial seat. Some people are saying, your profile, who are those who want to be President today, that you cannot compare probably with’, he revealed.

‘So, if X, Y, Z, some of them who have even become governor after you, which means that if effectively you do a ranking order, you can say you are their senior in politics. So, why are you, their Oga, not saying you want to be President?’, Daniel said

He, however, explained that the presidency is not for the swiftest, and going memory lane, it is on record that, it is not those who work hard politically that have been ruling Nigeria

‘But I decided that Nigerian Presidency, and things like that, is not for the swiftest, it is not for the fastest. I am contended to my own little way, serve my own senatorial district, add value to what governor is doing, and so and so on. And that is where we are today’, he added.

‘I’m saying that from contemporary experience, it is not that it seems that it is something positive because it means that people who worked so hard historically have not attained it’, Daniel said.

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‘And if you start from the First Republic, where you have flamboyant politicians like Maitama Sule and all that say they wanted to be President, the great Zik of Africa could not get it, the great Awo did not get it, one way or the other’.

‘The same thing repeated itself in the Second Republic when it was Shagari, who wanted to go to Senate. Now that I want to go to Senate, maybe I will follow Shagari. It was Shagari who said I wanted to go to Senate. Against the hardest working politicians at that time and all those people, it’s Shagari who emerged, and that’s the Second Republic’.

‘And now military interregnum, and then it’s Baba (former President Olusegun Obasanjo) who, I think, said the people first came to him when he came out of prison, he said they’re crazy’.

‘That one who emerged after Baba was my colleague in the executive. Yar Adua, who just wanted to go back to Katsina and then he didn’t want it, he’s the one who emerged, and the one who said he had no shoes (ex-President Goodluck Jonathan) emerged.

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