According to Ambassador Maxwell Adeyeri, an active youth and young man widely known as a political and public affairs analyst, he said; the contest of Ekiti campaign towards 2022 election is between three contestants.

1) Fayemi candidate ( BAO-Oyebanji) the immediate past SSG of the state that was fully endorsed by erelu (first lady of the state) is one of the three contender for the party ticket.

Olds- 1/3

Position- 2 or 3

As at December he remain the front runner for the tickets but the unveiling of certain facts that is yet to be deny by Ekiti state government led by Fayemi is gradually waning down his popularity i.e him as SSG refusing to pay the 10k aloted and promised by Fayemi for ward principal party exco and 20k go or local government exco but were denied since 3 years ago, opposition av capitalized on that to demand that billions of naira from BAO since his office was incharge at that moment.

Point 2: Coming out and people perceiving him as governor candidates , alot of people believe he will be a stooge and easily be controlled by the governor to execute his bidding if emerge as his successor as most Ekiti hate ideas of Godfatherism.

Point 3: The feud game played by Fayemi by working against tinubu for few years back and the rumor interest of JFK for president is another that will inspire the Lagos cabal to check mate Fayemi choice of candidate by temporarily revealing his strength before the power that be from his home state. So tinubu forces will definitely work against him as the state is already divided since inauguration of SWAGA.

Point 4: BAO IS yet to contest any election before and will be relying on people for sponsorship.

Advantage- BAO versus the support of incumbent governor and minister but the influence of the latter is drastically reducing by day.


An alleged and rumor candidate of Jagaban and a product of burdillon political academy won’t have it easy because he will be fighting against his old time friend (JFK) that believe he won’t have control over him due to his vast political experience as SA , commissioner to tinubu, Commissioner to Fashola, House of Rep member and presently Senator.

Old: 1/3

Position- 2nd or 3rd


A) MOB is from a location where almost all the power that be is from. I.e Ambassador from Ekiti state, Minister and his current senator which obviously his working against him.

Incumbent Senator- alot of people believe he should complete his remaining two years as Senator not jumping to another office.

C) Past history of cross carpeting- his changing party from AC to labour party and back to APC is being used by opposition to preach against him as not a loyal party man that is not ready to sacrifice his ambition for party supremacy.

D) Alleged Tinubu boy- few are of the opinion, that being a tinubu choice, they won’t support him as those ppl felt his a dictator and won’t want a Lagos lord to be in control of Ekiti state.

E) Division of Tinubu supporters in Ekiti state under the name SWAGA due to two aspirants jostling for same position. Him and Adeyeye is really breaking their camp instead of standing firm.

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Advantage- deep pocket and long history of contesting and understanding the game very well.

2nd advantage- Sympathy votes due to his experience in last general election (when he was shot) during the campaign rally.

3rd Advantage- Tinubu will do all his possible best to win Ekiti state for his presidential ambition to become more realistic.

Engineer Kayode Ojo-K.O

A Philanthropist and a grassroots politicians , a billionaire and oil and gas icon with vast experience in private sector also a runner up (3rd) in last guber primary that produce Fayemi candidature, fondly reffered to as the voice of God and choice of the streets.

Old -2/3

Position: 1st

K.O will likely have the day due to his rumors acceptability by the electorate, delegates, party leaders, elders, stakeholders and large influence in the state.

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Circumstances: The few things that might cost him is turning to advantage as his not the favor candidate of Fayemi and tinubu but do have a great relationship with both leaders and party executives are seeing him as the right peg in the right hole.

Advantage- 1) Already erecting a billion project in the state without being in government or politically appointed, which people sees as the ideas person to elevate Ekiti out of economy nemesis, creating employment for several Ekiti sons and daughters in private sector most importantly in oil and gas firm without any government influence and all those he helped are already coming out to testify to his great gesture and his mouthwatering philanthropist acts is another thing winning the trusts of Ekiti delegates.

2) FINANCIALLY DEEP AND STABLE- K.O doesn’t rely on any government or politically office holders to sponsor his election, he has spread tentacles of billionaire that can singlehandedly delivered the project for him in Ekiti .

3) Mouthwatering Christmas and new year package for party leaders, members and delegates

Giving 250k per ward

10 bags of rice

Carton of indomie

Bags of salts . All per ward didn’t just cement his status as a governor to be but a leader per excellent that understand the needs of party members.

4) Sympathy votes- Coming so close to victory in last APC primary election against the incumbent governor is really winning him so many party faithful and sympathy as many people are already pithing their tent with K.O after he personally supported Fayemi candidate financially , materially morally and physically after he won the primary .

5) Past Experience- due to his long familiar face with all the delegates and having contested the primary with incumbent governor he understands the games better, know where to run to, who to consult and how to play the game.

So, for other aspirants we respect their aspiration but will definitely have a space after the three ppl listed up.

Analysis drawn after visiting almost all the 177 wards, speaking with party leaders and excos in the state.

I remain my humble self Ambassador Maxwell ( CEO Royal Hint Place) Speaking from Ado Ekiti.

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