ELECTION: Meet The Newly Elected Executives Of Sonyindo Youth Development Association (SYDA).

It was a success at the just concluded election, conducted at Sonyindo to bring in new executives of the said association, to championing the course of moving forward the community.

One wouldn’t have talk about History of Sagamu today without mentioning Sonyindo Community as part of the notable area in the town, Sagamu or Ishagamu is a conglomeration of thirteen towns located in Ogun State along the Ibu River and Eruwuru Stream between Lagos and Ibadan, founded in the mid 19th century by members of the Remo branch of the Yoruba people in south-western Nigeria.

The 13 towns that made it up are : Makun, Offin, Sonyindo, Epe, Ibido, Igbepa, Ado, Oko, Ipoji, Batoro, Ijoku, Latawa and Ijagba. It is the capital of Remo Kingdom and the paramount ruler of the kingdom – Akarigbo of Remo’s palace is in the town of Offin in there.

Sonyindo is one of those community that makes up Sagamu town. Through active participation, young people are empowered to play a vital role in their own development as well as in that of their communities.

Community development happens when people take action to solve common problems affecting the places they live, work and play everyday. Community members, neighborhood activities, elected officials, professionals and youth can all work together to build better communities for everyone affected.

Increasingly, when foundations, government programs, and innovative community organizations want creative solutions to difficult funding issues, they turn to young people for solutions. Oftentimes, youth are connected to their communities in more authentic and unhindered ways than adults that can help communities by better understood.

On this note was why the community conducted election to elect the few among the youths that will represent others in the championing the course to develop Sonyindo community. Find below are the ones that emerge with their portfolios respectively.

Below Is The List of Elected Executives for the just concluded Sonyindo Youth Development Association (SYDA) 


Segun Dada

Vice president

Kehinde Adelaja


Ogunleye Joseph 


Ogunnupebi idris 


Abimbola Amusan

Financial Secretary

Olukokun Rasheedat

Social Secretary

Luqman Babatunde

Directorate of Traditional Affairs

Lateef Owolana

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