EXCLUSIVE LIFE STORY: It’s Too Late For Me To Stop, I’m Already An Addicted Lesbian; But I’ve Stories To Tell… Princess With Eaglesforesight Today.


“When my family members remind me that I’ll be 23rd by November this year, hoping that my lesbian phase has passed and I can bring a man home, no dear, I might likely be bringing a woman home.”

“Despite my family and parents pressure, Nigerian singer, a multi talented lady, popularly known as Princess, has revealed why it is too late for her to stop being a lesbian.

It was a cool evening for Eaglesforesight with princess, as she revealed her true Life stories on how she became a lesbian, despite her zealous passions and talents in Modeling, Fashion, Music, Business and Human capital.


Madam, this is Eaglesforesight with you, can we meet you?


Yes of course, you are already with me, and what exactly do you want to know about me other than identifying myself for you as Princess. Pardon me that i might not be comfortable enough to telling you my full name, because i still have some privacy to keep away from the media and social space.

A young lady of 22yrs of age and the only child of the family, I attended both my primary and secondary schools in Sagamu and my higher institution at Ijebu Ode, Tai Solarin college of education. By God’s Grace, I will be celebrating my 23rd years on Earth by November and I hope you will honour my invitation because it’s going to be a laudable and lousy celebration this year as usual.

I long showed interest in music from age six and that line I choose before circumstances turns me to a lesbian and I used the money I earned from it to invest in many businesses that has been flourishing.


We learnt that you have passion for music and that you can conveniently and professionally sing any song with different tones, how true is that?


“I never have passions for music alone, but I am a multi-talented musician, i do sing all sorts of songs and i am also a song writer.”


Multi talented musician!, Can you tell us what you meant by that?


Yes I am a multi talented musician because, here as I am, I excellently perfect in singing Apala, Fuji, Gospel, Hip-hop, Blues, and mention it all, I will sing it and my previous performances have cleared many peoples doubt in regards to my claim. Won’t you be confused as i will convince you seeing me on stage, singing all those songs perfectly and professionally.


Aside from being a musician, is there any other side hustles that fetch you money?


Why not, as young as I am, I need to strive to hustle hard to become someone in life, I am into buying and selling scraps and waste products, a fashionista, businesswoman and infact I earn hugely from being a lesbian.


A Lesbian! Princess, can you tell us what prompted you to become a lesbian?


Though it wasn’t in my dream and I never see it coming to ever become a lesbian in my entire life, but circumstances and fate brought me here and I’m enjoying pleasures in lesbian because it is fetching me large and in huge amount of money more than any other of my businesses.


How do you became a lesbian and at what age do you started been one?


Hmmm, it started just like a nightmare about five to six years ago when I was 17-year-old. There was this guy we were dating each other then, as a virgin, he understood how patiently it will cost him to be in relationship with me, moreso I told him before we agreed to court.

Initially, my boyfriend senior brother asked me out before i met my guy back then but declined his request because we are both an apprentice in a unisex fashion house

It was through him I met his younger brother that became my guy, he wasn’t upset not against my relationship with his brother, infact their entire family welcomed us and that was why i used to be free been in their house any day.

One unfortunate day like that, that happens to be the beginning of my lesbian life journey, I was in my guy home as usual and his brother who happens to be my senior at working place was also at home with his friends and my guy. After few hours that I was relaxed and enjoying the company with them, their mummy left home to weekly church program.

About thirty minutes later, my guy brother’s called me to send him on errand far away from home which is normal and I never forseen what was about to happen. I was napping on bed when his brother enter our room to check on him, before I know it, his three other friends joined us and he said he wanted to have sex with me. To me that sounds funny and strange to my hearing, I tried to stand up to walk out of the room to sitting room before he pushed me back to bed, pro and cons I was raped countlessly by the four guys in absence of my guy that never for once have a taste of me before that particular moment. Crying!!!


Princess, sorry for causing you to cry for making you recalling a sad memory.


It’s well sir, and as i was earlier saying; hours later, my guy came back and by then I couldn’t count how many times they all have had sex with me.


Do you report the case and incident to your guy or anyone?


No, it was even something I have wanted to have a taste and experience of how sex use to be, but so unfortunate that it came in such manner. I never explained the painful and worthless experience with anyone until a day after some months that the guy wanted to repeat similar thing with me and i stabbed him which landed him in hospital for an operation.

It was the that people hear what I have been facing and I got little blames while many commend my strong mind for keeping it in myself and at the same time some people bales me that my silent for not reporting the case makes him to wanted to repeat it again.


Do anyone else ever alleged him of doing such before or after your incident?


Yes, my boss said he once raped her daughter but she buried the case to safe and avoid embarrassing comments against herself and the child.

Despite all these touching stories, what now caused or promoted you to engage yourself into lesbianism acts?

Smiling, why do you have interest in knowing more, anyway I wouldn’t have given you attentions in the first place to grant me Interview if I won’t talk about it. It started the moment I developed hatred in men and I started masturbating in other to avoid men anytime I’m horny.

There is this unforgotten and fortunate day that happens to be the beginning of the journey of my lesbianism acts, my cousin came and she met me at horny mood when I’m masturbating, I stopped to open door on her knock, I started the naughty play with her by touching her somehow, I touched her boobs and I sensed how she emotionally felt, for me to grab the opportunity, I located her private part and started playing with her clitoris. Before you knows it she was carried away and that’s how I launched my lesbianism career.

She came the next day by herself for the continuity since she felt the pleasure in doing it, and we did it continuously for days and uninterruptedly good two weeks unstoppable. That’s how it all started till today and I am now addicted in it to an extent that I can’t stop any longer or anytime soon..


Why don’t you want to stop when you knows you are already at the stage of getting married as a grown up lady?


Despite my family and parents pressure, as a Nigerian singer, a multi talented lady, and a business woman that money has never be her challenge for over four good years, my people are waiting for me to bring home a man for wedding as a husband but I can’t help because it is too late for me to stop being a lesbian, except if my man can only cope with me.

Does anyone in your family or friend knows you as a lesbian?

Yes of course, my biological dad is aware but it’s too late for him to stop me when he got to know. My mum didn’t know even till now and I trust my dad that he didn’t tell him till now because if he does, my mum would have challenged and accused me.

I had a roommate who became my lesbian mate when we were schooling at Tasued back then in Ijebu-Ode. She exposed my relationship with her when we had issues and that’s how the whole school got to know but luckily for me she has no proves or evidences to back her claims and that alone safe me alot even though I was taken to police custody for interrogation and interviews but I denied back then.


Do you have anyone in Sagamu Here as your Lesbian mate?


Yes I do, and there are big men and boys I do pay to fuck them from anus with my dildo toy and some pays me for such Services when I’m done having sex with them from any with my dildo toy.

I have upgraded by even having most of my clients outside the state, I have them in Abuja, Lagos, Port-her-court, and many other places my service might be needed.


Do you have any career or visions you are pursuing outside this lesbianism job?


Yes, I have hecters of land already and I’m looking forward to build the first ever University of Fashion where anything about fashion and designers will be studied there with full courses of four years

Prince Lahbash or should I call you Eaglesforesight, I think i will be done with this interview for now till some other time because I want to leave to continue to the journey of my precious life, atleast I told you earlier that I am no longer a resident of Sagamu anymore.

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