Focus on real problems. Twitter isn’t food – Hon. Muhammad tells Nigerian youth 

The member representing Daura Federal Constituency of Katsina State in the House of Representatives, Fatahu Muhammad, has defended the suspension of Twitter in Nigeria.

Mr Muhammad said social media needs to be regulated in order for youth to put Nigeria first and face the real problems. Expressing disappointment at Nigerian youth, the lawmaker said Twitter was not food that Nigerians required.

The lawmaker said this on Tuesday during the investigative hearing organised by the House joint committees on Information, National Orientation, Ethics and Values alongside the National Security, Justice and Commerce, on the suspension of Twitter.

“For God sake, what is social media? Are we eating social media? Let us go back to the resources, and harvest them, and let keep this thing aside, and face the real problem in Nigeria,” he said.

He added that if Twitter was not suspended after they pulled down Buhari’s tweet, the insults to the sovereignty of Nigeria would have been more. “We should please regulate the media. If the minister did not ban Twitter on the instruction of the President, the kind of insults to the sovereignty of Nigeria from the users of Twitter would be more than what we are facing. Let us tell ourselves the truth, Nigeria comes first.

Sometimes, when I am reading tweets, I am disappointed with the youth because we are the future of Nigeria,” he added.

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