From The Seat Of The Speaker Of The Nigeria Youth Parliament, A Clarion Call For The Government Of Ogun State

As they use to say, No country in the world has ever made it well without the magnificent power of her youth.

From the results of the 2006 general census conducted in Nigeria, it shows that youths covers 60% of the country. 

Nigeria Youth Parliament which was created by Act of Parliament and domiciled under the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports is aimed at providing a platform for the Nigeria youth through which their voices could be heard on goverment policies that affect them directly. Bills passed at the Youth Parliament are sent directly to the Presidency and the National Assembly through the Federal Ministry of Youths and Sports.

Nigeria Youth Parliament holds a strong position internationally. The outgone Speaker of the 4th Assembly was recently nominated as the Nigeria Youth Representative at Commonwealth, UK.

The organ allows the 109 Youth Parliamentarians (YP) which cuts across all the senatorial district of the federation to represent their colleagues, debate on issues of national importance and forward their resolutions as earlier stated above.

The parliament also allows its members to relate with their peers in all parts of the world.

The body recently got nominations of new representatives to paddle her affairs for another tenure and in a matter of weeks will be having inauguration and election which shall produce the principal members of which Speaker is the Leader.

As it is, the speakership slot goes to the South as it has only two regions that shares the post which is North and South.

By tradition since the North just concluded her tenure, it automatically means South would be the next favorite region to claim the mantle of the leadership, the clause which of the southern region? South South, South-East or South West?

It will be of great opportunity for the good people and government of Ogun State because it would open more doors of opportunities to the state as its nickname implies “GATEWAY STATE”.

Since it’s the turn of the Southern states to hold the speakership, each of the southern states has started looking for a vibrant, committed, dedicated nominee to take a shot at the Speakership.

Likewise some South-West states whose nominees has shown interest in the speakership has given full backing to their candidates. States like Lagos is bringing a lady while Oyo is bringing a male candidate. 

Coming down to our dear Ogun State, Oyede Oke Adeniyi Kamaldeen, a Prince from Otta, a vibrant, prolific, dedicated, committed and selfless youth has begun nationwide consultation amongst fellow nominees in his bid to emerge as Speaker of the 5th Session of the NYP.

He is a youth and students leader with great influence across Ogun State and Nigeria. He is a very humble, cool and calm youth which if entrusted with the leadership power will surely bring glory to our dear state.

Oyede Oke is a graduate of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He presently lives and work in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

To the leaders in Ogun West senatorial district, there is no how the glory would be coming to Ogun State without Ogun West Senatorial District been mentioned.

I have no doubt that Oyede Oke would perform well beyond our imaginations if given the chance having know him for more than a decade.

He has the sagacity, capacity and knowledge to run a transparent government if given the chance.

Finally, as stated earlier, the glory and benefit of producing the occupier of the number one seat of the Nigeria Youth Parliament would go to no other state than Ogun State if he succeedes in claiming the mantle.

It can’t be done alone but with the political and financial support of all the concerned stakeholders and the Ogun State Government. Which is why I have to solicit come up with this open letter to push for no other person than Oyede Oke Adeniyi Kamaldeen.

May the Almighty crown the efforts. Amen.

Thanks and God bless

Comrade Yusuf Wasiu aka Oko Momi writes from The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State.

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