Re: Two Bandits Gunned Down In An Encounter With Police In Ogun

The above named forum finds it very mischievous, despicable, and inciteful the the press release issued on the recent Fulani herders – farmers clash in Saala Orile by the Nigeria Police Force Ogun State Command which was signed by DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi (PPRO Ogun State Police Command). It is saddening and unacceptable that the Police could descend that low to support those suspected Fulani herdsmen which they have known from time immemorial to have been terrorizing the farmers, kidnapping and killing innocent citizens.

It is a deliberate fabrication by the Police to tag innocent villagers living within Ayetoro, Saala Orile, Erinpa and neighbourhood as bandits. This obviously was done in a rush to cover up the unprofessional way its men handled the conflict at Saala Orile.

It is an indictment on the Nigeria Police that really know who the terrorists are but decided to take side in the defense of the real aggressors, who are the Fulani herders, thereby branding the indigenous farmers who are the victims as bandits.

We therefore demand that the Nigeria Police withdraw the terror brand placed on the innocent people of Yewa who are known for their legendary peaceful nature, and then conduct a thorough investigation into the crisis with a view to unveiling who the criminal elements terrorizing our neighbourhood are.

It is very regrettable that the Ogun State Command of Nigeria Police Force could at this time be irresponsible and take the path of injustice in handling their National Duties, despite the numerous meetings organized with herders and farmers within this area to call for peace. The Executive members of this forum had also held series of security meetings with the top hierarchy of security agencies in the State most especially the Commissioner of Police and Director of State Security Service.

The facts on ground which the police want to cover is that it was these inhuman, self-centered and primitive Fulani herdsmen, who do not think good of others, that settle and make their cattle graze freely on other people’s farms thereby destroying their means of livelihood.

Regardless of the State Anti Open Grazing law, same thing happened in this instance as the herdsmen with their animals entered the farms of innocent farmers at Saala Orile, Erinpa, Agada and Ogodo destroying the farms. The farmers then called on the local hunters to help send the animals away. It was at this point the well armed Fulani herders brought out weapons and attacked both the hunters and farmers. The Fulani herdsmen then called the Police who promptly responded whereas they never responded to the previous calls by the farmers to come for their protection; they always gave excuses and would not even attend to their calls.

When the police arrived, they gave cover to the herders and opened fire on the responding hunters. It was during this exchange that one policeman died. When the police retreated, they met two men on motorcycle. They obviously were going to their farms, but in the anger that one of them had died all the explanations of these poor souls fell on deaf ears. They were shot at close range by one of the policemen and killed instantly. One of them is Akanji from Ijaka-Oke who was going to his farm at Adekan. The Police lied! They are not bandits! Our people are not bandits! We call on the Inspector General of Police to investigate these gruesome murder by his men and ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

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The question Nigeria Police should answer before tagging innocent farmers who are citizens as bandits are:

1. What happened at the sight of the Agbekoyas?

2. Who called them?

3. Where were the victims tagged bandits killed?

4. Where were the Fulanis that they came to protect when all these incidents unfolded?

5. What led to the shootout between them and the Agbekoyas?

6. How many Fulani Herders were affected, arrested or killed?

7. Can they come out to tell the whole world how many indigenes were touched by stray bullets?

8. Has there been any occasion when farmers at Saala Orile, Erinpa, Ogodo came to them to complain about the Fulani herders invading their farms and the destruction made on their farms?

9. Do they meet any agbekoya at the scene of this incident when they came back the second time to pick the Hilux that was vandalized?


It is our people that are always at the receiving end of these barbaric attacks and numerous cases of kidnappings, killings involving unknown Fulani herders from 2020 till now. It is obvious that the Nigeria Police Force and other relevant authorities are biased and mostly act as toothless bulldogs whose hands and legs are tied and they couldn’t nail the truth on the head.

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We cannot but conclude that they are currying the favour of President Muhammadu Buhari the herders being his kinsmen but they should remember that history will not forget the parts that they played in promoting violence in the hitherto peaceful Yewa area.

We are using this medium to warn village heads and chiefs most especially the Baale of Saala Orile, Chief Adeyemi Ramoni, who harbours Fulani herdsmen against the wish of their subjects to desist from such acts or be ready to dance to the tune of its consequences sooner or later.

Prince Dr Dapo Abiodun, Governor Ogun State you have been doing well to crush the security challenges in the state most especially in the Yewa axis; we encourage you to do more sir, do not relent on your efforts and we express our profound gratitude for what you have done so far. We pray God Almighty will continue to strengthen you. (Amen).


Editorial Discretion: This article was written by Fatolu Ganiyu O., For of YEWA NORTH PATRIOTIC FORUM, culled from the forum Facebook page. The views expressed therein are entirely of the writer and not Eaglesforesight’s Echo.

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