What Happened at the Supreme Court today Monday November 21st, 2022, is not but a delay strategy to shut the suppose authentic Ogun State PDP out of the race so as for PDP Ogun State not to partake in the coming Governorship. But guess what, Jimi Lawal’s plans with his sponsors are dead on arrival because in the end, Ogun State PDP will not only participate but shall win In the forthcoming Governorship election come 2023, Rev. Olusola Salau said.

He claimed that Hon. Segun Showunmi acted like in the times of King Solomon by going to visiting all aggrieved members and aspirants of the party to make sure all interested parties in the governorship race to sit down together and reason together so that Ogun State PDP will not be shut out from contesting in the Governorship Election comes 2023.

“What I know as a person close to Hon Chief Segun Showunmi is that, he believes politics must not be a do or die affairs”, Rev Olusola Salau said.

“Instead of Jimi Lawal to do the same thing like Hon Dr Segun Showunmi he keeps going around APC governors and APC sponsors and still want to say he is not a mole.”

Now, I want to reconfirm once again that Jimi Lawal is a mole and a paper weight Politician because his plan is to shut Ogun State PDP out from contesting in the governorship Election comes 2023, Reverend Salau says.

Presently, Jimi Lawal has been officially suspended from being a member of Ogun State PDP by the National body of the party, The Eaglesforesight learnt.

”Until now Jimi Lawal has not for once comes up to give his support to our Presidential Candidate H.E Atiku Abubakar. Tell me is Jimi Lawal a mole or not a mole?”

Unknown to Jimi Lawal, retrial in this case will give PDP the rest from war of who and who are the authentic delegates of the party. Jimi Lawal has finally shot himself on his feet. What goes around comes around, Reverend Olusola Emmanuel Salau said.


Rev. Olusola Emmanuel Salau
Rev. Olusola Emmanuel Salau

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