Victor Hugo once said ‘’He who opens a school gate closes prison gate’’.


Hon. Mrs Funmi Efuwape, the Honourable Commsioner for women’s affairs in ogun state as shown her loving and caring heart by making sure that 99% of the youths in Remo land are educated through her generousity towards the secondary school students in the whole Remo land. She is a true gift to the people in Remo that is making a lot of differences.


Honourable Fumilayo Efuwape is a mother with beautiful heart that knows the important of education in every home and in every society. She took it to herself to register over four hundred [400] students in Remo land for NOV/DEC SSCE.


She didn’t just point at the ‘’honey rock’’ to the students but she also equipped them with ‘’axe’’ to break the rock in order to have access to the honey.

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Hon. Funmi didn’t just registered them for examination alone but she also registered all the students in a tutorial class and she equipped them with reading materials [series of past questions], in order to prepare them well for examinations.


Truly a superstar doesn’t just use the spotlight for himself alone but for everyone. Hon. Funmilayo believes that behind every famous influential there is a force and in many cases this driving force is the unfailing love and support of human, this belief made her to find time out of her busy schedule to wish the students success and also encouraged them to read and prepare well for the examination.


No wonder Catherine Pulsifer once said “Mothers never retire , no matter how old her children are, she always willing to encourage and help her children in any way she can.” Hon. Funmilayo Efuwape is a mother that every society prays to have.


There would be monument of her´ in the hearts of all the good people of Remo Land forever. 

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