Prince Dapo Abiodun’s re-election bid will definitely suffer a bad setback. And before I write in full enumeration; I’d like every reader to learn and go home with a lesson. Just as I myself will be learning a great deal from my own write up.

It all started when I saw a little caption in the Punch newspaper a story that read “DAPO ABIODUN JOINS OGUN GUBER RACE”.

So tiny was the caption that in my mind I thought it may just be a rumour. I mean for someone who had just recently lost his 1st son, who I figure should still be grieving…not the Dapo Abiodun that I know. He shouldn’t be in the race and he morally should not have even attempted it for no reason. Greed or no greed. But lo and behold, to confirm the newspaper story, I put a call across to his MTN line and he picked up. He confirmed the story and told me he was in Abuja slugging the ticket thing out with Ibikunle Amosun’s preferred candidate Adekunle Akinlade.

Now Akinlade was indeed an easy going gentleman whom I met at Internal Revenue service years back as a Senior Adviser to the.governor. He was shy, easy going and a great lover of his beautiful wife. All my friends had supported Akinlade and of course I had too….until Dapo Abiodun came unto the surface. Gboyega Isiaka Nasiru had been tipped to win Akinlade in the general election if it had been just 2 of them.

In his early calculations, Ibikunle Amosun had made terrible blunders which of note any of us aspiring in politics should learn from. *We must Never ever assume to be an absolute head over the people at any given time.

Now with Dapo Abiodun coming on the scene, he had no single grassroot movement save the movement of Yayi which has the cancerous Egbetokun as the head.

Now The character of Samson Egbetokun is just like swallowing bitter pills. He had worked with OGD, as the speaker of the 6th assembly and had been a mess in the chess game. Stealing the mace and running the house from inside a bush; Egbetokun had boasted of being the consistent Charles Taylor of Ogun state politics.

In fairness Yayi had spent some good money building a structure that couldn’t unseat Amosun. So weak was the N2billion naira structure that it took just 2 weeks of straight propaganda to sleaze the foundation of such structure off the ground in all 20 Local government. This showed the weakness and deceit nature.of the likes of Funmi Efuwape, HBO, SF Ojo and co who deceived Yayi.

These are bunch of liars who I will touch on their individual characters much.later in my write up….Let it be known that who ever in Ogun state politics today talking about Yayi having a structure should think twice……as such structure is based on deceit and money spending. This is one thing that will always fail in Ogun state politics. The electorates are very very educated, wise and extremely empathic people.

Their Kings are probably the most elite. Starting from the Awujale, to the Alake down to the Ebumawe or the Remo King. They are very very elitist and egalitarian and never for once shy from saying the truth. Before I deviate from the main story, Dapo Abiodun had seen the cracks in Ibikunle Amosun’s walls, and true to his nature had capitalised on it. Dapo came to prominence again just because Amosun faulted. This is a lesson every young person must learn.

Amosun was ready to impose his kitchen boys in the likes of Uncle Fuja, Leke Adewolu and Akinlade on everyone without further explanation and begging in the famous BREAKING NEWS TOWN HALL. This was rejected by the people.

The likes of Tobi Doregos, Hon Taiwo Owolabi Apata , Afuwape Folabi, Afeez Balogun, Dare Kadiri Maba and a host of young energy left Amosun so the cracks was created same day. Words went out to everyone for a new leader who had the charisma and the cash to muster the gun from Amosun’s hands. The gun was still blazing hot then.

And of course Dapo Abiodun who Amosun had rescued from being sunken by EFCC over unpaid Bank loans from FCMB and Oceanic bank saw an opportunity to stab his friend at the back and took it. Dapo played on the intelligence of The VP and the VP fell for it. Spoke to Oshiomole about Dapo and Amosun did not help matters all the while. Amosun kept capitalising on his closeness to Buhari and ability to run the Presidency well. Not knowing that the Fulani in Buhari does not care about 2 Yoruba men who.want to kill each.other. That is fulani for you. As much as Buhari seemingly love Ibikunle Amosun to a fault, the fulani in him hates Yoruba clan. And so while Dapo and Amosun were slugging things out in Abuja, back home Yayi had retreated from the war scene and had directed all his generals to work with Dapo. Of course Dapo had no single base. It was just few of us who were his base. Myself, Dennis Ogunnaike, Peju Sote, Deola, Shubby Okeowo, Aka Dicskon, and Debo Adeleke. Of course SF ojo handled the media then and HBO was always there to coordinate. These were Dapo Abiodun’s base of boys who unboarded every other soul into the movement. Back in Iperu, the likes of Somoye, Baruwa, Bayo, Seyi (iperu chairman) , the Asonbe boys and Porta Ojuroye were always on ground . Outside these boys no one can call himself Dapo Abiodun soldier. We were so few, but laden with trusts and love for Dapo that we unboarded every one well even though we silently knew we were lying.

Our boss is strong headed, dishonest and can’t be trusted with human lives as such.

But then he had started a movement, and we all wanted to see what the inside of the Government house looks like and we kept mute and told everyone glowing story about Dapo. Stories we knew were lies. Hence the meeting at 12 Temple Road started. Money kept exchanging hands and people kept coming.

Amosun’s enemies were many. So much stories and tales of how “irokunle” had deceived a whole state were shared in Dapo’s campaign meetings. Damn! I for once thought Amosun may die from all the curses issued on his head. ….Fast forward to when the movement moved from Lagos to Ijebu ode, the soldiers were few. Only Alhaji Akibu Efele was the pioneer soldier…..who later brought Iyeru and omo iya aje. It was so bad that Efele was running from one hotel to the other in Ikeja. He dared not visit ijebuode as Tola Banjo had declared his head be brought to him on a platter. Truth is Amosun had a good opportunity at being a.well loved leader.

But he bungled it. And I doubt if anyone will ever forgive him. I had gone to his house about 3 times and I loved him from afar. He had the allure of a good man. But he allowed pride, hatred for the ijebus and lies to unsettle him. I won’t ever be friends with Amosun but I won’t either be friends ever with Dapo Abiodun again. They both share same thing in common- “Arrogance”!

And What did Dapo Abiodun do as soon as he was sworn in? He first of all cut away all the boys and ladies who stuck out their necks and risked their lived for him. AKA dickson was messed up and handed over a mere special assistant. Myself was thrown out and not given a single appointment or compensation. I have had to return to my banking career. Peju Shote had to struggle to get a meagre special adviser, I hear uncle Shubby was never given an appointment till date. This Egbon shubby was the defacto chief of staff. He slept only after Dapo sleeps. He woke up before anyone else, and he locked the door of the house against intruders at the dead of the nights. Not until the SSS guys came, Egbon Shubby was both the head of security and chief detail. I hear Dapo Abiodun does not talk to him anymore. And Dapo has been slandering the poor egbon all about!

Hmmm… The war general that made transportation to and from every campaign easy and safe in person of Honorable Deola Akintonde was thrown to the sharks and Dapo does not want to ever see him also. This was a man who never sleeps until everything Dapo is OK.

Dare Maba was disgraced, impeached and nearly jailed.

Otunba Allen was given an empty shell much much later into the administration. Taiwo Owolabi Apata who I can attest to started the Dapo Abiodun campaign movement fire has not been given one single appointment till date. Maybe he wanted something too high as the DG Lands, but typical of Dapo Abiodun, Apata was disgraced shunned and lost all his money spent on Dapo’s campaign.

I remember a certain Michael who donated 2 vehicles, 1000 shirts and 1000 caps to the campaign of Dapo Abiodun never got a single Governorship handshake or a single contract from SUBEB to compensate the innocent man.

Instead The likes of Okubadejo Dapo who came at the 19th hour were given the task of composing names of who got what in SUBEB. Of course your guess is as good as mine. Egbon Supo Olowu was disgraced and sent out of the quarters he got for himself and no single appointment handed to him, Deji Ashiru who risked everything, I mean everything is still being scaled everyday by SMS from Dapo, Honourable Afeez Balogun was given a meagre SSA on energy without any juicy job on his table. Instead Dapo had brought in a Lolu Adubifa to head the department Afeez Balogun worked for, I cannot say in all how much money Balogun spent…..and the story can be on and on… I am ashamed to have been part of Dapo Abiodun’s campaign

Let me tell you who rescued Dapo Abiodun on the day he could have been killed at the stadium on that infamous day President Buhari visited. The diplomatic entrance had been shut against Dapo after the rally; as Amosun was fully in charge of everything then. Raimi Dapo’s driver (who has a terrible stroke now ) had driven away to hide the bullet proof jeep that Dapo was going to enter, for what reason I don’t know; but plenty of 1st lady’s friends had hidden inside that particular vehicle. I must say no single seat was available for Dapo. All his security aides had taken off.

Dapo Abiodun was left alone on the stage at the mercy of the crowd who of course could have killed him. Only 2 of us stood with him, and myself found him a getaway vehicle after begging the chief detail in the VP’s wife entourage.

He Dapo escaped to iperu in the VP’s wife’s car with Boye sitting on his laps.

Let me tell you the truth, Dapo Abiodun was comfortably seated eating amala by the time I managed to get to iperu in one piece. He never bothered to ask me how I escaped with my life. That singular attitude will ensure my God will not allow him win a 2nd term. All the youth of Ogun state must never ever vote or work for Dapo’s re election. DAPO MUST GO! HE MUST GO!

Back to business of development I doubt if Ogun state will ever develop with the likes of these 2 fake leaders in person of Dapo Abiodun Ibikunle.

Amosun has deliberately made Ogun state loose over $16Billion dollar worth of investment from Dangote Olokola projects. I had been to the meeting once or twice and I was hopeful that business will land in my dear state. But lo and behold, Amosun because of greed allowed the state loose that opportunity. Now even if Dapo is a worse governor, I don’t think he will do that enormous amount of damage to his own state.

Take for example the turbines OGD had bought for the independent power project at Billions of tax payers money that Amosun allowed to rot away.

So vindictive was he that every project OGD couldn’t complete were abandoned by Amosun. As if these were personal businesses. All these happening while our girls were comfortably becoming prostitutes and our boys finding solace in human rituals called yahoo.

May the Lord kill the children of the enemies of Ogun state. (Amen).

Now back to Dapo Abiodun who I consider a joker. He wasn’t and isnt prepared for anything. He had no single plan other than pretend to be a genuine gentleman and fix roads, buy cosmetic materials and clean out to his pocket the state funds. He Dapo had boasted that Ogun state election was won by him and God. And that the people did not do anything to help him. Hence he had been treating everyone who stuck out their necks for him during the camping to disdain. Several young men and women who took risks with lives, properties and cash to ensure he wins the election have been abused, disgraced or shunned by Dapo. Its so bad that not a single letter of thank you was written to donors and not a single dinner or lunch was organised to appreciate them.

Rather Dapo Abiodun had proceeded to appoint a slayer and liar in person of Shuaib Salisu to help him monitor his vendetta on the people who.had made him the governor. The government started running leaving out the governed and opinions from the people who fought the battle for this infamous regime of captain Dapo

Of course Shuaib is the man for such a dirty job. As if that’s not enough slap on the face of the people, the duo of Okubadejo Dapo and Tokunbo Talabi had come on board to make a terrible mess.

Such mess is extraordinary that commissioners from political bases of Dapo Abiodun are unable to see Dapo for official state businesses and reports. Ask the man in OGWAMA what he is going through. Salaries are not paid, vehicles to transport are not fixed….its just another hell!

Okubadejo is the accountant who collects all the kickbacks from all contractor’s while Tokunbo Talabi scavenge every other state business which the governor may not be interested in.

Its so bad that Tokunbo Talabi’s personal company is the one in charge of printing exam papers at the ministry of education at humongous costs to the state; wasting resources and siphoning money away. A direct indictment on his person and the government of Dapo Abiodun. Of course Many of the people who fought for Dapo’s emergence had left in anger.

They are unable to fix themselves in the government they fought for and cannot even relate with the people Dapo Abiodun had brought in from Lagos to run affairs for him. And no one is monitoring that aspects! It is just a roller coaster on a free fall of destruction for the head. Many people are out there now crying and cursing. They wished Amosun had not betrayed them.

They also wished Amosun had never tried to use them in such a brazen manner.

Now let me predict what Dapo Abiodun will begin to do in the next year 2022. He will begin to become accessible to people and start story telling. Of how he spent 7billion on the election and how nobody donated to his initial election bid. He will start to cajole and bring on the garb of being an omoluwabi. This was what he used at the stadium when Amosun was going on in a fit of rage. Meanwhile let me hint you that Dapo’s girlfriend got a contract of N330million. I have facts revealed by Dr Demola who is fucking the young yellow girl by the side. Let me tell the citizens of Ogun state that Dapo Abiodun will be worse in his 2nd term! You make the mistake, you all die there!!!

To all of you running head over heels for governor Dapo…..don’t forget the adage that says ” pashan ta fi no iyale…o wa lori aja”. I will be here to have a laugh.

How did Ibikunle Amosun loose the opportunity to become the new Obafemi Awolowo? What went wrong and what lesson can we learn?

Ogun state is begging for a new leader. Whether it will be Lekan Mustapha or another… I just know it should not be Dapo Abiodun!

The new topic I will touch on in my next write up for the new year 2022 will expose a lot… In the mean time I remain your son. (Dr Quadri Ola. From Ward 8 Ijasi Ijebu Ode)

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