‘Dara, your brother is contesting and you will have to support him.’_father said

‘Father, I won’t support him and he won’t win the elections. It’s not about me, it’s about his character, handiwork and political influence. What has he done in the past to make him win? People don’t vote based on names, they vote based on money and good conscience. Wealthy people could win elections through vote buying. We have seen many instances in Ogun and beyond. My brother doesn’t have the money nor the character. He is not also prepared because he’s not working for the position. While many are out there campaigning using different empowerment programmes, he’s busy buying bottles of beer for area boys in night clubs. So I’m sure, he won’t win.’_I submitted.

‘What if the youths vote for him?’_Dad further queried.

‘He’s not the only youth contesting. Others are youths and middle age. I don’t want you to waste your time daddy. He’s going nowhere, at least not time time.’_I said.

The election came and gone, Void votes were more than my brother’s aggregates. He was not defeated by the oppositions. He must have been defeated by lack of adequate preparation, winning strategy or underrating the powers hard work in elections.

Why is this story important?

Mass of the people would think I detest Prof. Osinbajo. Beyond his inadequacies, the fine Orator has not done his homework before coming to the gallery to declare his ambition.

Any student that wishes to first his/her class must start from first hour in school not in the final year. A football team that desires to win a trophy would usually start in the pre-season not the last match.

The day Prof. Osinbajo was selected as VP, I was happy for one reason, ‘that a Remo-man is coming to power’. My hopes like that of our people was high. We thought he’s coming to do what Dr. Doyin Okupe could not do for years in government. The first year, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth years came and gone, our people, communities, development remain unchanged. Our shared hope was dashed.

Nigeria and her economy witnessed a dramatic change from bad to worse: Unemployment, poverty, inflation, insecurity, diseases, want, abuse of human rights, ignorance, darkness, wickedness, insensitive all increased under Buhari/Osinbajo’s watch.

Nigeria witnessed the greatest exodus of all times as a result of in-conciliable differences between Nigerians and the Nigeria’s economy. Yet, Prof. Osinbajo pretended as if nothing ever happened.

The few Nigerians at home today, are the Nigerians without choice or funds to escape the unfavorable economic brouhaha. Anyone that can afford the huge funds to abscond, are long gone. Why should a child run from his father’s house if everything is alright?

Personally, I chose to remain in this country for funny reason. That might change, but atleast, not in the apex of this exodus. If all Nigerians can afford traveling abroad, I am of the opinion the country would become a desolate Island by now.

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Nigerians in Nigeria are tired of their leaders but not ready to change them. Besides, Nigerians in diaspora are ready to support present crops of politicians if the cake would go round. They are never proud of the problem, but comfortable living in a sane land while throwing missiles of self-induced hopelessness to many at home.

It’s true we are poor but our brains are still working. If Nigeria is great, many diaspora sympathizers of this regime won’t be exiled. But here, making Nigeria great!

This is not time for Prof. Osinbajo to campaign with ‘ I will turn water to wine’. He’s there. He’s the number two citizen. What we need is his score-card. Statements like ‘ I have turned water to wine’, ‘I have done this and I have done that for Nigerians.’ Are what would sell.

Sad, the Prof. Is talking in the future and not in the past. What Nigeria is witnessing today is not palatable. My friend’s brother alongside his friend were kidnapped for three months now. The family is ready to pay any amount as ransom, but till today, there whereabouts remain unknown. Police is helpless, the family is hopeless, yet, shamefully, the VP and others are going about their business or better put, political ambition as if nothing is happening.

How many of such cases do we have today? Leah is forcefully married to Boko Haram with kids for years. Kaduna train attack killed 100s of people.

To travel by road, air, water or even rail not safe today. That’s the sad country we live in. This is Nigeria of 2022. The Nigeria of Buhari/Osinbajo. The Nigeria of APC.

If VP Osinabjo has done well for our people, democracy, and Nigeria; even with his betrayal mindset, may be he will be the man to beat today.

Since I was born, I have been known for fighting injustice. I enjoyed it. For those who knows me, I can’t be against progress. I love anyone trying to succeed. Like me, I want to succeed and working so hard to achieve this. But Nigeria is more backward today than Buhari/Osinbajo met her. If we have to succeed, we need only competent hands.

Prof. Osinbajo unfortunately is not competent. I am not the one saying that. The statistic does. I’m not a card-carry member of APC nor a delegate of the party, but I know based on experience in politics and political calculations that in the coming APC primaries, Prof. Osinbajo’s closest position is from 3rd. He could be 3rd, 4th or 5th, except if everyone steps down for him to contest against Tinubu. Should this happen, Tinubu will still go home victorious.

Why would this naturally happen?

There are 7800 delegates in APC. Most of the delegates (if not all) are experienced politicians that emerged from the party’s internal democracy.

In the 774 LGAs in Nigeria, the delegates are chosen based on existing party structure. Every local leader owns a structure or amalgam of structures (some delegates). These structures owned by leaders are naturally in exchange for money, loyalty and or position.

No matter how popular you are, if you are not popular within the party’s collegial structure you cannot succeed in any elections. It’s when you win party’s primary you can contest on the party’s platform.

Generally speaking, the VP could be so popular in Redeem Church or within the elitist, but certainly not in APC. How can you win a structural-induced election when you don’t belong to any structure of the party? It will only amount to a waste of time, money and energy should the VP contest this election.

I wish he won’t waste the funds with him. We need it at home. 100 million naira alone for the forms can kickstart Sagamu-Ikenne road. But I know, the VP is being pushed by ambition and self-inflated personality.

In my tradition, I like to dash him votes. If all the APC Aspirants should go into primaries today, Prof. Osinbajo would be seen as a great man if he garnered 800 votes of the 7800.

Further, as a Christian, I believe in Miracles, but such rarely happens in politics. Politics is not a game of luck. It’s a game of permutation, consistency and investment with intrigues of deceits and wickedness. All is fair in politics they say.

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While Atiku and Tinubu have been working tirelessly for their selfish ambitions, Osinbajo was busy dolling 10k 10k 10k in our markets. Between 2015 and 2020, there was no single political group in his name until now.

Sowore and Morgalu are more popular than the VP. Some of his party-men even said he’s stingy and his wife arrogant. No stingy man can become a Councillor in Nigeria. At least I have not seen one since I understand politics.

Oh! you are surprised many politicians are calling his name? Yes, politics is business. It’s time to take part of the national cake in his possession. They want the money. Until the redistribution of wealth succeeds, they won’t leave the stingy man alone.

I love the person Prof. Yemi Osinbajo but I passionately hate the way he put the VP office to use and his definition of patriotism. Why should we praise him for destroying Nigeria and destroying those who elevated him in the theater of life?

Perhaps, if he has supported the masses when it mattered most, he would have been a candidate to beat today. Someone like me don’t need money to support anyone, what I need is inspirational stimulus.

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