By Ogu Bundu Nwadike, M.A

The news and the stories surrounding the purported arrest, detention and eventual release of Chief Uche Nwosu by men of the Nigeria Police has come, and is still fresh in public domain. It happened! There’s no controversy about that!

In spite of copious clashing and conflicting speculations about what transpired, the Police has confirmed that it wasn’t an abduction but an arrest. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) subsequently purportedly ordered the release of the suspect.

There’s the need for the Police to inform the public why they arrested the suspect and why they went about it the way they did. Government of Imo State doesn’t teach the Police its job, duties and responsibilities!

Yet, some points in the swift act of the arrest left the hint that what happened at Nkwerre on Sunday, December 26, 2021 may be more surreal than real. Yet, disbelief must be suspended for a proper enjoyment of the act, which looked like a clip from a Hanks Anukwu crime movie!

Why did the arrest have to be at the premises of a church? It smacked of a ploy to pitch the church against the government and blackmail the government. But the prompt statement of the church about the incident has exonerated the government of any complicity in the incident.

Why were photos of Uche Nwosu in handcuffs taken right inside the supposed security vehicle that transported him to the airport in Enugu and why were the photos quickly published on the social media?

Who took the photoshots of Uche Nwosu in the security vehicle displaying his handcuffs? Who published the photos on the social media? Of course, it can’t be by the orthodox police! It’s not in their character!

Why was it reported that the Inspector General of Police ordered the release of Chief Uche Nwosu? Who briefed the IGP about the arrest and guided him on the reasons for the arrest within the hour? On what grounds was the suspect released by the IGP Order?

A chieftain of the Agburu Confraternity prominently featured in the swift bail of the suspect. Was it an accident or was he positioned in Abuja to perform the role of promptly signing the bail of the suspect as the case may require?

The foregoing questions are too thought-provoking that CampRoche and CampUche should better proffer answers to them before it’s concluded that the entire arrest drama was a premeditated hoax by highly placed politicians and public servants.

Coming few days before the January 3, 2022 date that His Excellency, Governor Hope Uzodimma promised to reveal the names of people sponsoring insecurity in the State, reputable pundits have strongly argued that the arrest of Uche Nwosu may have been concocted to divert the interest and attention of Ndimo, Nigerians and the world.

The egg heads argue further that the arrest of the ex-Chief of Staff to the government of his father-in-law, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, seems to have been aimed by the perpetrators to curry undue, undeserved sympathy from the members of the public.

However, that’s neither here nor there as what should guide the narrative is the claim by the Police to be responsible for the arrest of the controversial guber candidate in the 2019 governorship election. Anything else is baby girl gossip!

Then, one question worth asking is why did the journey to Abuja with the suspect entail travelling all the way from Nkwerre to far away Enugu Airport when there’s a nearer airport in Imo?

Why did Senator Rochas Okorocha deem it fit to attack the government of Imo State as complicit in the arrest drama, whereas the Police claimed responsibility? What’s it that Rochas is grinding with the governor of Imo State and his government that has turned intractable?

Of course, though detractors have been dragging the government into the tragicomedy, the government has dissociated itself from the incident, while condemning the modus operandi of the security operatives.

At no time did the government apologize to anybody for any mistakes or misconduct by the government. The government didn’t make any mistake. Rather, the government has been ebullient in the situation by condoning what it has to condone and condemning what it has to condemn.

The borderline is that time has come when Rochas left the sitting government and its governor alone to concentrate in the steering the ship of Imo State and delivering good leadership and good governance.

As it is at the moment, it appears that until Rochas decides to leave Imo State alone, Imo State will not leave him alone. For now, Rochas has remained too meddlesome, infringing on the free working and running of the State.

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It can be imagined why Rochas will charge wildly at the government of Governor Uzodimma, for an issue that has to do with Uche Nwosu and the law enforcement agencies.

Is that how Uche Nwosu would have governed Imo State if he had won the 2019 governorship election, with paternalistic Rochas calling the shots and dictating the pace of the working and running of government?

What many people expect is for Rochas to emulate his predecessors-in-office and wave final goodbye to Douglas House, in which he can’t swear to have forgotten anything. Or did Rochas forget anything in Douglas House?

His funny and laughable dreams of foisting his son-in-law or anybody else for that matter as the governor of Imo State, at any time in the near and far future, is one product he’ll never be able to market and sell in the State to Ndimo.

Finally, whoever and whatever may have led to the drama in Nkwerre on Sunday, December 26, 2021, what’s sacrosanct is that the Government of Imo State has no hand in it and the entire tragicomedy seems more surreal than real. Ndimo are watching! Nigerians are watching! The world is watching!

By God’s grace, Imo State must be rehabilitated, reconstructed and recovered!!

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