Israel reaffirmed its plan to assist Nigeria in tackling its security challenges.


Mr Yotam Kreiman, Charge d’ Affairs of Israel and acting Ambassador of Israel to Nigeria, disclosed this in Abuja.


He spoke against the backdrop of the historic agreement on defence cooperation between Israel Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, and his Moroccan counterpart, Abdellatif Loudiyi, in Rabat on Nov. 25, 2021.


According to him, Israel planned to work closely with Nigeria too, because both countries share similarities in terms of security challenges, saying the two countries would work closely together to achieve targets.


Yotam said: “The challenges that we have with security in Israel and the challenges with security in Nigeria are very similar.


“We are aware of these difficulties and challenges, and we are looking for new ways to overcome those challenges together, every day.

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“We believe that education is the first step in building the future of a country and that is why Israel built an e-learning computer centre to support the education sector in Nigeria.


“Because, this is where it begins, this is where security begins; this is where the future generation of Nigerian politicians and Nigerian diplomats begins.


“This is where we start to build a better future for the benefit of the people of both countries; the challenges of security still exist, but we do believe that together we can overcome them.


“There are measures taking place right now, there are agreements that have been signed right now, we will see the wonderful results of better security, in the very near future.”


Gantz and Loudiyi had earlier signed a memorandum of understanding to formalise security cooperation between Morocco and Israel after the Abraham Accords, towards security cooperation, intelligence sharing, and future arms sales.

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