Maurice Ampaw, a popular Ghanaian veteran lawyer has said that making noise while having sex with your partner is an unknown crime that violates human rights.


Ampaw stressed that making noise during sex is against the law because it also qualifies as noise pollution.


EaglesForeSight gathered this in an interview with United showbiz Ampaw stressed that screaming during sexual intercourse with your partner shows a form of expressing satisfaction with each other, but in some times the action of screaming by one or both the couples is tantamount to noise making that disturbs public peace and should be stopped.

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“We don’t have sex and we are making a noise, you don’t shout or scream because nuisance and everybody must have the right of peaceful enjoyment, Ampaw said.

Maurice Ampaw
A popular Ghanaian veteran lawyer, Maurice Ampaw

Ampaw adviced that it is acceptable for either or both the couples to moan in a low tones when they have hit their sexual climax instead of making a wide noise and disturbing the peace of the non participants.

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