In this interview by Prince Lahbash with the CEO of YettyCherry, an educationalist and entrepreneur, Lawani Yetunde Constance, she revealed alot about what people has always wanted to hear about her.

Good day madam, we learnt that today is your birthday; can we seize the opportunity to meet you?

Of course yes, you can meet me; my name is Mrs Lawani Yetunde Constance, I am happily married with three children, I attended Ojota Junior School, I finished from Oreyo Senior, Igbogbo. Later proceeded to acquire my OND at Lagos State polytechnic Isolo, to study accountancy. I attained my B.ED In view at Tai solarin university of Education, Ijebu Ode.

I work as a marketing and operation Department at Fortis MFBank, Primeria MFBank. Currently working as a secretary in a reputation School here in Ogijo under Sagamu Local Government of Ogun State.

Lawani Yetunde

As an entrepreneur and educationalist, what has been your biggest challenge and what’s your ways out to overcome it?

It has always been so tasking and stressful especially at earlier stage of my career, but I need to return all glories back to God for where we are today. As a strong woman and a comrade (smiling), you know, I need to be focus and a determined. A woman that is always after the results and not really after how many times I fell before I achieve my goals.

As an adult, while grewing up, was there any dream you are nursing?

Yes!, I have always wanted to be an actress while growing up, this inspired me to meet myself on several occasions on stage performing dancing competitions, debates, acting chorography and all sorts.

Now today, I am not an actress but eventually derived to be a public person.

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Has there been any moves you have or that you are taking to join acting industry in other to fulfill your childhood dream?

No, because circumstances had change alot of things and I have to adapt with the current changes in my career, afterall I still maintains the status quo, to be representing my Community in the youth associations and organizing programs to educate people.

As a married woman with three children, how do you cope in managing your home to join youth associations?

Lawani Yetunde

This is a huge kind of question that I’m interested in saying that; it isn’t easy at all. I wasn’t too affect because my husband do travel and my activities to serve my Community is between the school hours and I would have returned back home before my children.

Has there ever been a time your husband oppose you joining youth association as a married woman?

I tried to carefully keep it away from my husband, but there was one faithful day that I lied to my husband not knowing that he was already at home for hours, observing my long stay from home. I couldn’t help but to open up to him and he got angry, stopped me and started giving me tough time to discourage me from further engaging myself in youth activities. I just have to call my relatives and his friends to plead on my behalf before he could manage to partially accept me attending youth activities.


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From my observation, you hardly contest for any post other than social secretary, what can you say about that?

Firstly I am a socialist, I passionately also like meeting old and new people, to have more knowledges and experience. And by the special Grace of God, I am the current Executive Social Secretary  to Remo Youth Association also the Ogijo Youth Association treasurer.

Do you ever think of aspiring for any political post now or in future?

Lawani Yetunde

Let’s wait till then and see if there’s likely going to be anything that will boost my morale to join active politics. But for now, I have no aspiration to joining Politics.

What advise do you have for young ladies out there?

Let me focus more on advising every ladies out there to please stand on firm ground, to push their career up till they achieve that laudable goals, be independent and acquire skills work, go into entrepreneurship and make impact to especially your immediate Community and maybe later to the world at large.

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Because when I was growing up, everyone around me spent all their time trying to be great.

I am one of the lucky ones who has always been grateful.

The world is my stage and I have played diligently so far.

I hope to display a noble and fierce expression of reign in the years to come. With great pleasure and honor that I announce my birthday. I have to applaud myself as a woman that I am, for surviving the toughest days in growing up physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Happy birthday to myself — Yettycherry CEO, says.

Lawani Yetunde

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