Nigerian Lady Got Favour Of 12Million Naira Judgement To Be Paid For Her From Boyfriend For Refusing To Marry Her.

Nigerian Lady Sues Boyfriend For Refusing To Marry Her, Wins 12Million Naira Judgement A Court in Lagos state has awarded a lady the sum of 12 Million naira in compensation against her boyfriend who failed in his promise to marry her as promised.

It was established that the defendant had dated the plaintiff for 3 years and had repeatedly promised to marry her, a promise he failed to keep. He broke up with her afterwards. The Nigerian Court seeing the similarity of the facts with that in the case of Bessela v. Stern held this to be a clear “Breach of Promise of Marriage” as provided for under the Marriage Act. 

The boyfriend was therefore asked to pay the sum of 12 Million Naira in damages to the lady. Now, for some of our Nigerian ladies thinking that the Right to sue your lover for breach of Promise of Marriage is not recognized by the Nigerian Courts, you may want to reconsider your position!.

Note however that this Right isn’t only available to the Nigerian women, but to the Men as Well. It is also worthy to note that the amount (12 million naira) sued for by the lady was well within the financial capacity of the boyfriend. So, if your boyfriend isn’t a millionaire, you may want to sue for a lesser sum. 

All yee promise and fail bachelors be warned.

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