OGUN LG POLL: Awoderu Celebrates His Lovers, Congratulates Them For Their Unrelenting Supports As He Emerges APC Councilorship Candidate In Ward 7, Sagamu. 

Awoderu Idris Oluwaseun,NYCN Sagamu Coordinator
Apc Ward 7 Sagamu Candidate

My Joy’s know no bond as I wake up to reality today, when I look back and forth I noticed that it wouldn’t have gotten me this far if not for Allah and hard-working, Comrade Awoderu Idris said

I return all glories and adoration to the most high God for this privilege given to me here and there to serve my community and town, without the support and guidance of my lovers, who is Awoderu Idris to merit this great opportunity in emerging as the APC councilorship candidate at ward 7 in Sagamu

Awoderu Idris Oluwaseun Is the National Youth Council Of Nigeria (NYCN) Sagamu Chapter Coordinator, he promised never to disappoint the trust his people have in him for the usual supports

In Prince Lahbash congratulatory message he said, as I had repeatedly reminded you during our several eventful and occasional meetings, our relationship as brothers has through the years developed beyond being friends to being brothers of different parents from the same ward in the same community. Whatever happened in the past might be unfortunate and I believe God has a reason for everything. I have put all behind me and moved on. As I have consistently advised, please be magnanimous in victory. You are the coordinator for NYCN and now the APC flagbearer councilorship candidate of ward 7, ijagba Sagamu, regardless of association and political leaning, pls always make your people your priorities and let there welfares and security of life and prosperity be your utmost thought of all time.

Comrade Awoderu Commends his supporters for their resilience and optimism for better tomorrow, he also expressed gratitude to all the leaders of the party for their frantic efforts and doggedness in ensuring a conducive atmosphere for the successful completion of the exercise.

Your Inspirational Quality has brought unprecedented happiness, progress, satisfaction and  fulfilment to the lives of Many around you which in turn makes You Sui Generis (One of a Kind) in nature.

My utmost respect and honour goes to the leaders and elders of the party  also members of our great party and the host of others who happens to be my lovers and well wishers for their supports, Said Comrade Awoderu.

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