As it was gathered by Eaglesforesight yesterday, an unprecedented and unpopular scheme was made known to the public about a section of Sabo market, Sagamu, rebuilt to accommodate victim of fire incident. The horrific event which caused many of the market women to loss many valuable in turn of millions of naira in 2020, January 28.

Immediately after the inferno, the state government and many dignitaries were on ground to empathize, address and reassure to hasten plans for construction of benefitting structure in less than a year, through fundraising and other possible means available.

However, it is embarrassing the state government has turned the new structure promised almost 24 months ago in Sabo market, into an edifice for the highest bidder, by beastly request of ₦1,200,000 outright sale price per unit (shop) of the new structure. Even though just less than 200 shops (less than 20% of casualty) was rebuilt.

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Aside the fact that, the state government goofed on pledge of easing impact of loss on the victims. The state government had forgotten concerned persons in Sagamu contributed out of empathy on the inferno victims, to the development of that structure, but sadly Ogun state government seem not to have same zeal as concerned persons in Sagamu. Moreover, the action of Prince Dapo Abiodun administration has deviated from the initials of making the victim of the incident have their spaces back at the market, because how many of them can be afford to make payment of ₦1,200,000?

Moving forward, it is expected the government target the victims first, thereafter, consider favourable price tag on the shops in the newly constructed property in Sabo market, Sagamu. Anything short of those, we strongly condemn with every fibre in us.

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