The Residents of Ogun State are crying out to the Federal Government on the worsening power supply in the town. For weeks now, most parts of the state, particularly Sagamu axis, have not had regular power supply.

Given that it is the responsibility of the government to see to the welfare of the people, including the provision of power the consumers do pay for.

This situation is worsened by the high temperature and heatwave the town has witnessed recently. Typically, when workers return home from work, they expect to relax with their fans and air conditioners switched on, but with the current situation, they meet darkness and very hot rooms and eventually sleep uncomfortably through the night.

It would have been better if the residents could at least open their windows to receive some fresh air at night but they dare not for fear of armed robbers and burglars.

“It is by giving us regular power supply that we can live meaningful lifestyles. The suffering is enough.”

The concern Sagamu Youths therefore called the attentions of all, that, it is no more news that IBEDC Sagamu business hub has proven to be an agent of extortion with their estimate billing system that doesn’t commensurate with the electricity supply to households and business premises in Sagamu and its environs, the group says.

The Youths of Sagamu had earlier, at more than two occasions brought this broad daylight robbery to the management of the DISCO for adjustment on their billing system and improvement on electricity supply but with no positive result.

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“It is our firm belief that these extortionists has chosen to throw spanners in the wheels of our gentleman approach at resolving this age long matter and we shall not hesitate to tell them “enough is enough” in a language they seems to understand better.”

Going forward, the electricity bill for the energy used in February 2022 must not be at par with that of January, owing to the epileptic power supply we are currently experiencing which IBEDC itself acknowledged to in its widely spread PUBLIC NOTICE.”

“We will not dictate how much the DISCO should charge for energy used in February as such is not within our purview but we warn in STRONG TERMS that the bills to be distributed for energy used in February should not exceed N1,500 for customers on 11KVA feeders while customers on 33KVA feeders should not be billed above N3,000.”

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Any attempt to charge residents of Sagamu anything above the amounts stipulated above would be resisted by reawakening the aluta spirit of our great Grand Commander, Chief Segun Okeowo of the glorious “Ali Must Go” struggle, the group said.

Editorial Discretion: This article was written by Concern Sagamu Youths and sent to The views expressed therein are entirely of the writer and not Eaglesforesight’s Echo.

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