Internet Radio: Ultimate FM Online is a great solution for many common problems that arise to traditional broadcast radio from Isara-Remo in Ogun State.

The Chairman of Veo resorts and Ultimate FM, Oluomo Olumade Talabi is an indigenous son of Remo land from Isara-afotamodi at Remo North Local Government in Ogun State. The media consultant of the studio is Engr. Olayimika Sam-Aina.

“My visitation to the studio on Thursday 21st of April 2022, makes me to have another impression for the sons and daughters of Remo land in diaspora, that few among them are buying future and sustaining the heritage of the land.” Says Prince Lahbash, I must applaud and encourage others both home and in diaspora, to in their capacities, keep on promoting our culture and dialect.

Mc Kamal, Prince Lahbash and Adeomoade at Ultimate Fm Studio

Prince Lahbash stated that; ”while in the heart of promoting our culture and dialect, I must call the attention of those who can afford to do it, should please develop a tourist resort in any of the Remo communities. Orisagamu-Ewa River is somewhere we can anonymously agreed to develop, and it will definitely attract world attentions to meet global standard just like Osun-Osogbo river.”

Unlike traditional radios, Ultimate FM offers variety and choice in music selection without listeners putting so much thought into it. The variety in choice of songs allows you to listen to your favorite songs without filling your playlist with the same songs on each rotation.

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The sound quality they offer at Ultimate studio is unmatched due to lack of environmental and interference factors, with a well furnished studio of expensive facilities and equipments. An example, poor weather can cause interferences in traditional radio. Ultimate FM rarely face such challenges.

Moreover, their sound isn’t as compressed as it is in some substandard broadcast radio. As a result, they offer top quality live streaming. Ultimate FM is an online radio that caters for the needs of both listeners and broadcasters. The listening experience been offer to listeners and broadcasters is easy and like no other to compare with.


The indigenous online Radio station had focuses more in promoting Remo dialect in almost all their programs.

Prince Lahbash, CEO of Eaglesforesight at Ultimate Fm Studio
Prince Lahbash, CEO of Eaglesforesight at Ultimate Fm Studio


They play lots of musical songs as part of playlists to entertain visitors. A presenter and director of the studio, Oluomo Adeniyi Adekoya (Adeomoade), also along with various presenters host different Yoruba interesting radio shows and programs, one of which during this Ramadan period, Amb. Kamal Mopelola Idowu (Kiniun Annabi) hosts a Ramadan program tagged “ROMODHON with MOPELOLA Radio/Tv Show” and “Lori Eto Remo” to keep their listeners entertained. This has always allows the listeners to focus on their favorite songs and programs while working or doing something important.

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The online radio allows small businesses and individuals to market their products and services through this online radio platform. One can watch them Live as the program is on, through their social media pages to listen to the radio shows or programs.

News Reporting:

Broadcast local and international news to keep their audience informed about the most recent happenings near them and around the world.

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L-R: Director of Ultimate Fm Studio, Adeomoade with Prince Lahbash, the CEO and Publisher of Eaglesforesight
L-R: Director of Ultimate Fm Studio, Adeomoade with Prince Lahbash, the CEO and Publisher of Eaglesforesight

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