Being a press text of the Lagos AAC,

The DPP report regarding Oromoni’s murder clearing the suspects without real investigation further justifies our consistent position that the band of hawks ruling Lagos State can never allow justice nor the truth to take its course!

The Lagos government is full of rogues and people of questionable characters who can do anything for their pockets. Everything is traded. While the cabals have turned impunity to a tradition. Without any iota of shame, all manners of corruption take top seats in government houses in state and local levels.

The AAC advises the Oromoni’s parents never to expect any justice from the Babajide Sanwo-Olu government and the Lagos Police Command under Hakeem Odumosu.Lagosians must be ready to do solidarity actions on this murder case as it is a metaphor of all the wicked activities of these sets of marauding monsters claiming to be democrats.

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We all must know that fascists are crude rulers who use all forms of brutalities to misuse power. We therefore call for an Independent investigation into Oromoni’s murder. We also call on all Lagosians to be very vigilant and be preparing to send this government of jackals and vampires packing to political oblivion in due course.

In unity and actions, Victory is certain!

Kunle Wizeman Ajayi,

State Chair,


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