One major lesson I’ve learnt in 2021 is this:

You don’t just assume people know the right thing.

People sometimes needs to be educated and taught the right thing.

A few weeks ago when i pay a courtesy visit to my Alumni secondary school, in my presence while gisting with the teachers, a junior student (still looking young as a fresher) was brought to the staff room, his offence was that he was looking under a female’s classmates skirt through a mirror. After he has achieved his aim, he then announces to his other classmate the colour of the underwear he had seen and they all afterwards made fun of the whole incident.

He was reported to a teacher and was immediately brought to the staffroom.

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After punishing him, we discovered the intention of his action was to correct the female folks in his class and show them the correct posture of sitting.

His mom does the same to his elder sisters at home when they sit in an improper manner for a lady, just to correct them. The boy had since then seen this as a norm, and never saw his action as anything wrong. The boy was given the wrong education.

In tackling a problem, it is common to assume a set of limits within which the solution must lie. The boundaries of the problem are defined by assumption and then, within those boundaries, conventional thinking proceeds to find a solution. Very often, however, the boundaries are imaginary and the solution may lie outside them

As humans, we sometimes make assumptions because we simply don’t have the time to think somethings through or maybe because we choose not to carry out an analysis and check for a proper understanding of why a particular act is a norm to us.

Never assume people know the right thing. Never assume that everyone sees life the way you do. Never assume that everyone feels the same way you feel. Rather seek to educate and encourage them on right approaches to life’s issues, when we encourage everyone to become the best they could be, we will be spending more time to move humanity forward rather than creating more problems.

Also as parents, we should be careful of the actions we carry out in the presence of our children and make sure we use the right measures when correcting our kids. Children learn from their parents so let’s endeavor to do the right thing.

I trust in you to do the right thing.

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year In Advance

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