The Pupils and Teachers at St. Francis Anglican M/A in the Krachi East Municipality of Oti Region are in danger due to the deplorable nature of the school’s structure.


The JHS is housed in a dilapidated structure with no doors and window locks to safeguard the place after school hours.


A visit by Newsmen correspondent Obrempongba K. Owusu revealed numerous challenges like the lack of textbooks and infrastructure for students and teachers to facilitate effective studies.

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Moreover, authorities at the school have been forced to combine 2-3 classes due to inadequate classrooms, making teaching and learning very difficult.


A former student said that the situation is a nightmare for both students and teachers which is something the authorities are well aware of but have chosen to ignore.


The students also bemoaned how the absence of classrooms has hampered academic activities and therefore urged to government and NGOs to come to the school’s aid.

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