In a press statement released by African Action Congress AAC, national publicity secretary, Adeyeye Olufemi, It was stated clearly that; “The AAC will not accept attacks on Omoyele Sowore and other Pro-Democracy campaigners, as the new normal.”

The party has call on the Federal Government to stop persecuting him and stop this obvious dance of shame.

In the list of the new lows that the despicable Buhari-regime has sunk Nigeria into, is the mobilization of thugs through its militia arm, the State Security Service (SSS) and other security agencies to attack pro-democracy campaigner, the Chairman of the African Action Congress, Mr Omoyele Sowore. Adeyeye reports

Femi Adeyeye Says, it has become trite to see thugs operating violently yet freely in broad daylight, at the Federal High Court premises in Abuja, specifically when Sowore alongside other Nigerians comes to solidarize with Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of Indigneous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the trial by the Federal Government.

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It is also not news that these thugs enjoy state protection, as it has been the case everytime he’s been attacked. The last time being October 21, 2021, these thugs attacked Sowore but were apprehended and handed over to the Police by courageous journalists who were locked out of the Court by “official thugs”- the DSS. This happened while all heavily armed security agents looked the other way.  Says Adeyeye

“These thugs were then released almost immediately and we can not ascertain if at all they were taken to the Federal Secretariat Police station before being released.”

“The case wasn’t different today December 2, 2021 as the thugs came prepared to kill. The window of Mr Sowore’s car was smashed in a bid to get hold of him and while he was driven away, other things that could cause harm were thrown at his car. Members of our party in his company were also not spared by these thugs. They all suffered varying levels of injuries.”

“We condemn in the strongest terms these attacks on the Chairman of our party, Mr Sowore and we call on the Buhari regime to stop this show of shame it is serving the international community.”

While the Buhari regime seeks to normalize fascism, hardship and human rights violation, the AAC through all revolutionary means will not fold its arms on this issue. We refuse to accept as a new normal these brazen attacks on individuals and corporate entities who hold dissenting opinions against the Buhari regime.

The AAC will not watch this slide or wait for another “Government magic” (killing and later denial of killing) to happen to our peace-loving Chairman, as it is now the case of several massacres in the country.

“Conclusively, we call on the Buhari regime to pick itself from the dust and accept defeat honourably. It must stop forthwith the persecution of Omoyele Sowore as it is glaring the regime has no case against him. The party have reported.

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