The Examplary, Qualitative, Efficient And Patriotic Leadership Of Governor Ganduje Of Kano State, By Abbati Bako,psc,bsis,UK

There is no iota of doubt that Kano State is in a utopian condition (a state in which everything and everyone works in perfect harmony) for the past six years and three months; Alhamdulillah and MashaAllah. 

This means that Kano State didn’t experience agony of the calamity of insecurity and economic aridity as a result of massive prayers from our leaders, Ulamas, stakeholders and the citizens to which Allah (SWT) answered their prayers for the State to be in peace, prosperity, harmony and tranquility. 

International public policy and leadership experts have reached a consensus that no society or nation can attain political, economic and social development/prosperity without some qualities of leadership; this means that a leader should be;-

innovative, courageous, focused, knowledgeable, experienced, determined, generous, charismatic, strategic, accountable, creative, a visionary with political will and discipline. A qualitative leader must look at the world straight in the face and go ahead with the fine policies that can leave a legacy. 

There is no doubt that majority of Kano people and both patriotic and internal stakeholders and indeed external stakeholders/friends of Kano State now fully understand that Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) has the qualities of leadership that his achievements will be written in gold by the current and future generations of the State and the nation. 

For the past six years and three months Governor AUG centered his attention, political will and efforts towards the completion of uncompleted and abandoned projects by his predecessors. This is indeed a sign of patriotic approach and good intention towards the development of Kano State and the nation at large. On the other hand AUG continues to create economic policies that will prosper the State economically and socially like any other society around the world. Sound economy is the remedy of security challenges (kidnapping, insurgency, arm robbery, banditry and unemployment among the youths and generally what Political economists called “stagflation”). 

This writing opines that the Kano people must sacrifice this time of economic hardship for all of us to enjoy life in the near future and indeed for future political, economic and social prosperity. No nation develops without sacrifice. No nation develops without patriotic leadership. No nation develops without leaders with the qualities of leadership mentioned above. 

Kano State people should continue to pray and try to tremendously cooperate and support Governor Ganduje so, that, the future will be prosperous and the glory, image and credibility of Kano State and Nigeria could be sound, excellent and be imitated by others among the nation’s States or even the comity of all nations. 

Kano State is number two prosperous economy and number one secured state for investors in Nigeria. Kano State is a gravitational center for economic development in West African Sub-region. Kano State is an attractive market with about 20m population that can be compared with cities: like Lagos, Cairo, New Delhi, Brazil and many more. 

Kano State is a cosmopolitan State that welcomes everyone to invest in the State for global economic development. 

The key element of Governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) of Kano State is sound ECONOMY! ECONOMY!! ECONOMY!!! 

Global Economic Integration and Interplay are the live wire of human existence. ECONOMY is everything in the world. The more the economic and social wellbeing as well as qualitative leadership, the more peaceful and prosperous your domain will be.

Hence, this writing understands that in the near future a brand new “smart city” has to be created to reduce the congestion of the magnificent State of Kano. Historically, when Kano State was created in April 1967 the whole population of the State (including the now Jigawa State) was 4m only. Today we have a population of about 20m.

This week His Excellency the Executive Governor of Kano State 

Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje (OFR) travelled out of the country with a view to see the possibility of inviting more investors to the State (the recent POP COLA Company’s investments in the State and newly established private universities is an excellent example of the State reaching monumental development). 

Therefore, Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) has been the backbone of economic prosperity in capitalist market economy anywhere around the world. And the ambition of any visionary leader in the world is to see investors coming in to his nation for economic interplay and development.

This means that the more the prosperous economy; the more the employment opportunities to the teaming youths and economic growth in Kano State. Economic activities is the sure way of checkmating security challenges in society.

For the past six years and three months the Governor of Kano State has never failed even for one month to pay salaries and wages for workers in the State (compared to other states’ failure to pay workers’ salaries and wages for several months) despite the economic meltdown even in the year 2020 of Covid-19 Pandemic with Global Economic Recession whereby the world lost Trillions of Dollars that (worse than the 1948 and 2008 global economic recession). 

The Governor of Kano State is the most experienced Political and Economic Strategist among the 18 Governors ever to have led the State. He is rich with experience and expertise in public policy and administration.

And again, nowhere in Nigeria have massive infrastructural and magnificent developments that can be seen visibly like in Kano State. This writing challenges anybody to intellectually dispute what this writing has said especially in terms of infrastructural developments, security and smooth Democractic transition in the State. Also, on peaceful coexistence and economic prosperity in the State.

Conclusively, Kano State people should be grateful at all times for these developments in the State at this critical period of economic difficulties. 

May Allah (SWT)continue to save Kano State, Nigeria and Nigerians.

Dr. Abbati Bako, International Political Strategy Consultant, psc,bsisKent,UK and Special Adviser to the Governor of Kano State on Public Affairs

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