The automated library is a user friendly system that is created to ensure the proper management of books in the library for the inmates.


When contacted, Shokesta woman said; “like in every other deliberate things humanbeign has done in life, we all started them with the end in mind. So it was, like we started it, imagining how we wanted it to be. The sharpening, carving and the eventual commissioning of the Automated Library at the correctional centre, Abeokuta.

“Our muse focus have always been people, our essence has been to draw from our well ready resources to help others and we do so gladly to those that cannot pay us back.”


Shokesta Development Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), not for profit and non-political organization that has been in the forefront of providing succor and ameliorating the plight of the vulnerable groups in the society.


The pioneer founder, Mrs Soyebi Oluwakemi Abiodun, otherwise known as Shokesta woman Soyebi Oluwakemi Abiodun, a former Vice President of Institute of Information Management Africa (IIMA) is a public-spirited woman, a social entrepreneur, an SDG advocate, flexible, result-oriented, energetic team player.

Shokesta Woman award

Shokesta woman receiving United Nations humanitarian awardShe was recognised with the Champion award from African Centre for Leadership Strategy and Development, Abuja and also bagged United Nations humanitarian award.

Moreover, recently she was appointed as the Director of Publicity, Yahweh Hills University, Durban, South Africa.


Shokesta woman when questioned, explains how it all started; she said, in the past years we have had several programs scheduled to enlighten, assist and expose the vulnerables to many opportunities beyond their reach and also to help them achieve their individual goals.


However, “we thought of doing something much more helpful and to those who needs them in a bid to give back to the society, we decided to assist in restructuring the library at the correctional center, Abeokuta making it automated, serene, up-to-date and highly innovative for the inmates to either improve their mental ability or to make them more dedicated to their passions and of course interests.”


“We took it upon ourselves, the burden to bring the inmates to a free and compulsory right to getting informed, receiving first hand information through the reading of books, access to computer and internet facilities and bringing the impact of westernization to them even as inmates. We agree they should not be condemned, tagged or stigmatized.”

These were our thoughts when we started the project. We aim to give them access to books, desktops computers, power supply, cool breeze (Fans), comfortable reading environment (Painted walls, tilled floors, chairs and electricity). The library is both automated for desktop and also could be at their own reading pace and schedule.”


It interests us to indicate the automated library will provide books and content beneficial for their mental growth, spiritual, academic and emotional stability (Intelligence) and to make them better than they’ve been, Shokesta says.


She said, everywhere is tough already for them, we need them to gain more confidence in themselves and have them ignite their light for their own individual aspirations.

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“It was a pleasant experience as we have been working all through and with the support of God and men.”

“Interestingly, we couldn’t do it alone, we wrote several letters to other bodies to support, thou, when man failed, there comes men came through another means.”


Shokesta profoundly express her sincere appreciations to Pastor Adetunji Adesesan (Founder, Hope Initiative), Evangelist Bisi Abiola Fashina (International Ambassador, Nigeria Connect), Provost of The Redeemed Christian Bible School, Redemption Camp. Indeed, you all made this happened and I am so indebted to my colleagues, Team Shokesta for being helpful making all these come through.

Remember, If man is God we wouldn’t have got this far.

You have not lived today until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you – That’s a quote from John Bunyan and I leave you all with that.

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